In this steadily growing industry, the once simple task of selecting the right instruments for your needs can be an overwhelming process to the beginner. With a vast array of technologies and applications shouldn’t the knowledge of suppliers and the ability to meet customers total needs be more important than price? And if so how do you find the right products and supplier for your needs?

Know your Flow

The selection of any flowmeter will be dictated by the type of fluid medium being measured, fluids and gases behave differently when flowing due to their viscosity and density. Profiling the flow characteristics will narrow down the selection to a pool of technologies. Furthermore, Fluids can be separated into Newtonian and non-Newtonian types and again this will reduce the selection further.

With gaseous fluids pressure and temperature are critical parameters which must be taken in to consideration when selecting flow instrumentation. A further complication is the units of measurement such as Normal, Standard or Actual. Incorrect selection can often cause confusion and significant errors of measurement. Several other key criteria are the dynamic measured range and the type of environment, is the instrument to be mounted in a Hazardous or Safe Area, materials, chemical compatibility and much more.

Unbiased advice

One of the advantages of working with a specialist distributor is our unbiased approach to your application, as we are not tied to a specific manufacturer we can choose from a wide variety of products and not to the determent of technical support or knowledge.

iCenta Controls is an independent company that specialises in the manufacture and supply of flow meters, level sensors and instrumentation to engineering, manufacturing and process industries globally. Since 2002, we’ve built a reputation for knowledgeable service, supplying high quality solutions and representing some of the leading names in flow and level measurement from around the world. We pride ourselves on our product range, customer service and our approach to providing both ‘off the shelf’ and bespoke solutions. Our team of dedicated technical experts provide a consultative approach to delivering products and solutions.

Level Measurement

At iCenta Controls you will find a wide range of level measurement instrumentation suited for use within the water industry and its various applications, such as Hydrostatic, Radar and Vibrating level sensors.

Another choice increasing in popularity is ultrasonic level sensors such as the Echopod range.

The EchoPod Reflective Ultrasonic Level Transmitter is the latest in level technology from Flowline. The product features a proprietary reflective technology™ that delivers reliable level measurement in condensing environments.

Condensation is the most common variable in liquid level applications as it attenuates the acoustic signal of ultrasonic sensors with horizontal transducers, weakening their signal strength and signal to noise ratio by up to 50%, substantially reducing their measurement reliability.

The heart of Flowlines Reflective Technology™ is simple; unlike flat horizontal surfaces, significant water droplets cannot form on the sensor face due to its vertical orientation. The condensation runs off the transducer leaving the sensor performance unaffected. Leaving the unimpeded transmit and receive signals to be directed to and from the liquid off a 45° reflector, delivering reliable level measurement in applications normally requiring more costly sensing technology.

Flow Measurement

Typically the Water industry utilises most types of Flow Meter within its numerous applications, such as Magnetic, Ultrasonic and Turbine Flow Meters. However with increasing pressure for higher levels of accuracy and profitability the Coriolis Mass Flow Meter is proving to be an increasingly popular choice. Eliminating the need to measure and correct for pressure, temp and density fluctuations to determine mass flowrate, Coriolis Meters also typically have a lower overall cost of ownership, albeit the initial purchase prices can be higher.

Icenta are stockists of the ALTImass range of Coriolis Meters, encompassing over 30 years of Coriolis technology development from OVAL corp. Japan and consisting of three main types:

1. TYPE U: high performance / high accuracy model (custody transfer etc.)

2. TYPE S: (single straight tube) easy clean titanium construction, increased on board self-diagnostics

3. TYPE B: lower accuracy lower cost (0.5%) entry level Coriolis mass meter

(The above is a brief overview of some of the technologies that could be applied to the water industry however for a more comprehensive guide to flow meters visit the guides and tools section of our new website –

Displaying & Recording Your Measurements:

Whether you’re looking for a flow, level or Process instrument, there’s a good chance you’ll need a display. As the UK distributor for Dutch manufacturer Fluidwell, iCenta have a display for every application. Common inputs include pulsed, Analogue, Resistance, and Modbus, in either a field or panel mount design, and a choice of AC, DC, or battery powered options.

Fluidwell displays are designed to go the distance with simplicity of use in mind. They are extremely robust, IP67 rated and quick to operate making them the perfect process companion.

Typical uses include flow rate/ totalisation, batching, flow + temperature correction, ratio, RPM and general process monitoring.

If you are looking for a flow or level instrument, contact iCenta Controls +44 (0)1722 439880 or email