FTPS has launched the latest innovation of dual containment hose –
PF DetectTM.

The unique product has been developed specifically for the chemical dosing market and offers a number of important benefits.

It does away with the need for expensive catch-pots and reduces the risk of environmental damage with minimal chemical leakage as the system can also be wired to switch off the pump in the unlikely event of a leak. This will enable the user to connect a reserve line (if present) within seconds.

The fear of aggressive chemicals getting out into the environment, due to undetected leaks, was the reason behind the development of dual containment hose.

With PF-DetectTM this fear can be almost eradicated. The leak detection system only requires a minimal amount of liquid to trigger the alarm and shut off procedure, with the leaked liquid contained by the versatile polyurethane jacket.

The hose is already approved by major water and wastewater treatment companies.

Leading pipe supplier, FT Pipeline Systems, has been providing steel water pipes, field joint protection sleeves (Canusa) and stop-tap replacement locking lids to the UK water industry for more than 25 years.

It has recently expanded into the water treatment market offering a range of specialist pipes, fittings and valves for this sector.

FTPS can supply you with a complete pipeline solution including plastic, flexible and rigid dual containment hose for chemical dosing, valves, fittings and flanges to all recognised standards of material in the Water Treatment market.