Swan has been developing and manufacturing process analytical instruments for monitoring water quality since 1991.

Based in Switzerland, Swan sets the standard for the control of many water quality parameters. Precision, reliability and excellence are qualities which make Swan an ideal partner. Every sensor and every instrument has been produced at Swan’s headquarters and each step from the machine part to the final assembly undergoes rigorous and severe quality control procedures so that no instrument leaves the company without final testing under real conditions. Swan’s water quality instrumentation is used to operate and efficiently control the drinking water treatment process from raw water intake, to purification, storage and distribution.


On-Line monitor for continuous measurement of UV absorption at a wavelength of 254 nm to efficiently monitor organic material (DOC, TOC, CSB) in drinking water treatment processes.

• Broad measuring range: from 0 up to 200 [m-1] (1/m)

• Dynamic measuring method with a robust cell insensitive to fouling

• Straight forward instrument set-up for rapid plant integration

• Application-oriented customisation of data transmitter and event-driven alarm system

• Data transmitter supports all common interfaces and communication protocols

The AMI SAC254 is the perfect instrument for precise and continuous data accumulation, which is essential for valuable trend analyses. It also provides immediate identification of changes in the raw water composition to lower the risks associated with unexpected water pollution, such as pesticides from agriculture, as well as organic trace impurities and industrial solvents.


Non-contact Nephelometric system for automatic and continuous measurement of turbidity in potable water, surface water and effluent (ISO 7027).

• Measuring range:0.000 – 200 FNU

• Precision:±0.003 FNU or 1% of the reading

• Non-contact turbidimeter: optical elements are not in direct contact with the sample – no fouling

• Low water consumption

• Optional sample degasser

• Low maintenance and simple verification

• Complete panel mounted system; tested, calibrated and ready for operation.


A monitor with an integrated pH measurement for automatic calculation of free chlorine and changing pH levels.

• Measuring range: 0.01 to 5.00 ppm

• Low drift: < 1% during 1 month

• Fast response time: 90% of change within 60 seconds

• Maintenance-free self-cleaning 3 electrode system

• Chlorine Sensor lasts the lifetime of the instrument

• Monitoring of sample flow and cleaning efficiency

• Automatic compensation of sample pH
(on-line or off-line)

• Built-in PID controllers as relays or continuous mA output

• Fieldbus interface including Profibus DP and Modbus protocols

• Complete panel mounted system, tested calibrated and ready for operation.