ZONESCAN ALPHA, the permanent network monitoring system developed by Gutermann, helps minimize non-revenue water.

The system uses correlating radio loggers, permanently deployed along the pipe network, which allow water utilities to automatically identify and pinpoint leaks, thanks to the capability of the system.

Overnight, when the water usage is at its lowest, pressure is at its highest and ambient noise sources at a minimum, the loggers record sound files and transmit them to collector units above ground. These then transmit the data to the cloud-based software platform which displays both the position of all loggers and the identified leak positions on the GoogleMaps platform. The leakage team has fresh network data every day and can remotely investigate leak suspicions, run correlations on changed parameters, eliminate non-leak noises based on the noise spectrum of the sound files, and pinpoint the exact location of identified leaks within less than a meter.

The Zonescan Alpha platform is a self-learning management tool, which enables water utilities to make informed decisions about network infrastructure and manage the process efficiently from leak identification to excavation and repair.

Since the technology was launched in 2010, numerous projects have been installed throughout Europe, USA, Asia and in the Middle East. In every case, leaks could be identified and pinpointed within days of the first installation. Zonescan Alpha pays for itself through water and cost savings and can help reduce the likelihood of workplace incidents by having the system installed on dangerous roads and unsafe work areas.

Staff News

Gutermann strengthen their workforce in the UK with improved coverage in the Northern region. Tony Fidler is the new UK Regional Sales Manager based in Sunderland. Tony brings with him a wealth of knowledge with 30+ years in the water industry specialising in Trunk Main Leak Detection and Pipe Condition Assessment. His extensive technical knowledge enables him to provide a complete customer service. Tony can be contacted on: