How Learning & Development Associates’ Risk & Resilience qualifications can help Water, Wastewater and Environmental industries strengthen their resilience in the face of COVID-19’s emergence.

During these extremely challenging times, it has never been so important that all of us in the Water Industry collaborate to ensure vital services’ resilience. At L&DA we are committed, as part of the wider Water Industry community, to doing whatever we can to help our colleagues manage through these uncertain times successfully.

The current coronavirus’s emergence finds the UK’s Water and Wastewater organisations well prepared to face the challenges, based on their existing pandemic contingency plans. However, the impacts of precautionary self-isolation, illness and individuals’ potentially extended recovery times may test organisations’ ability to continue to field sufficient qualified and experienced staff.

Uncertainties also exists over the eventual mortality rate, the virus’s persistence in the community, the possibility and rate of any viral genetic mutation and the likelihoods of acquired immunity and/or a future successful vaccine’s development.

In such circumstances it is vital to further reinforce existing capabilities by building strength in depth in both operational and support functions and embed wider strategic awareness that encourages business improvement and innovation. Much of this reinforcement can be achieved through the improved skills and knowledge of our most precious resource, our people.

Our Risk & Resilience qualification is designed specifically for the Water and Environmental Industries and is therefore aligned to address resilience challenges of both COVID-19 and other unrelated exposures. The Level 5 Risk & Resilience qualification will develop individuals’ technical skills and provide a comprehensive understanding of the Management of Risk & Resilience and lead to improvements in knowledge and therefore performance.

The Management of Risk & Resilience Why effective management of Risk & Resilience will be as important tomorrow as it is today in a COVID-19 world Our Award learners will develop skills on taking responsibility for planning and deploying courses of action, including, where relevant, responsibility for the work of others and exercising independent judgement. The qualifications addresses the practical competencies required for the effective management of Risk & Resilience in the Water and Environmental Industries and will importantly provide evidence of demonstrable organisational competence for our Regulators and other Stakeholders.