Water metering has been compulsory in all new homes since 1990, however nationally around 40% of dwellings remain on unmetered connections. Water companies have a target to reduce this to under 20% by 2045.

Domestic water meters are typically placed in a boundary box in the ground outside a property where the responsibility for the piping transfers from the water company to the property owner. However, there are a significant number of properties where this arrangement is inconvenient or impossible and here internal metering is preferred. Advancements in smart technology now enable remote water meter reading allowing internal meters to be read without needing to get access to the property. Furthermore, the number of underground potential leak points is also reduced as one pipe can supply directly from the water main to the internal meter.

Atplas, the market leader for boundary boxes and expert in metering has now expanded its offering for internal water metering to fulfil all requirements. For fitting of concentric meters there are manifolds in gunmetal or plastic which can be supplied either for single occupancy dwellings or as multi-meter manifolds where an incoming supply is split to feed multi-occupancy dwellings. For the fitting of inline water meters there are meter connection kits made from DZR brass.

New to the market is a unique internal meter box, the Atplas Water Point. This provides a safe place for a concentric water meter inside a property, and hides all the pipework connections with its unobtrusive design making it ideal for either new build or retrofit metering. It contains a stopcock, concentric meter port and drain off point which can be accessed by removing the cover. The meter can be read through the lens on the top of the box.