As an operator of a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), you well know that the wastewater treatment process is all about biological balance, physical movement and flow. Active micro-organisms need to be balanced against the amount of ‘food’ (oxygen demand) they receive. Temperature spikes in the summer can upset that equilibrium and drastically affect your wastewater treatment efficiency.

Aeration solutions when you most need them

Treatment doesn’t happen without the bacteria activity. It needs a warm temperature to function, but the upper end of the barometer can hamper its activity and even kill it off. This will also affect oxygen concentration and, will lead to an array of problems in your aeration basin, such as:

  • Excessive sludge aging – slowing metabolism and food intake
  • Odour issues. Water will stagnate without sufficient oxygen whilst ammonia and sulphur compounds can exacerbate the odour.

You know what is coming next. You will need to keep the supply of air steady to create aeration for your plant.

Renting your blower from Sulzer

Do you need a blower quickly? Do you need a solution in the rising temperature?

Sulzer has decades of experience working in aeration and can offer speedy solutions when temporary air is required. Whenever you need to increase air supply, Sulzer is always ready to help.

Organisation’s rental offering:

  • Free phone assessment with one of our experts to help you with the right choice of blower
  • Off-the-shelf container rental solutions
  • Available in a range of sizes – HST20 and HST30
  • Flexibility for short term air requirements starting from 1 week
  • Reduced energy consumption with high level performance equipment
  • 100% oil-free compressed air
  • 24/7 manned helpline with rapid technical support
  • Low maintenance
  • Low noise levels – the noise generated is within mandatory levels
  • High reliability – no mechanical friction or wear

HST TurbocompressorsTM are available in Sulzer’s Thetford support centre providing rapid delivery and installation.

Your peace of mind

Sulzer offers rental packages understanding seasonal temperature changes. Renting gives you more choice. Why? With hire option you can negate investment commitment – no need for capital investment. This is the right move for you when:

  • You are planning a larger installation and you need a HST TurbocompressorTM to allow continuous work on your site
  • One of your blowers has failed and you need to increase your efficiency temporarily
  • You need a backup plan.

Energy and maintenance considerations

You probably know that energy consumption is one of the largest outlays in a wastewater treatment plant operation.

But are you aware that it is estimated to consume 2-3% nation’s electrical power, or equivalent of 60 tWh (terawatt hours) per year? The largest usage of energy in biological treatment usually amounts to 50-60% of the total plant usage. So, what is the solution in the constant race to reduce the energy demand in the current economic climate?

Adjustments to biological treatment processes – aeration, proves to be one of the most efficient.

Maintenance plays a pivotal role in keeping the budgets down. Case studies have shown that Sulzer’s HST TurbocompressorsTM can increase the efficiency and reduce cost to your water treatment process and plant:

  • Up to 95% maintenance cost reduction and 30% energy reduction
  • One installation saved EUR 12,000 per turbo-compressor in annual maintenance costs
  • The installation of 4 units at one site saw the combined energy and maintenance costs reduce by EUR 175,000 per year.

HST TurbocompressorsTM with their proven low energy consumption and maintenance can significantly reduce operational costs. Act now and call us today on 01842 750272 to avoid disappointment and enjoy the summer bubbles with Sulzer aeration solutions.