Adaptive Modules was established in 2001 and are pioneers of new Internet of Things (IoT) technology that allows customers to use its innovative products to reduce costs, increase efficiency and maximise profitability.

The Company has launched a new product that overcomes a common problem for all Utilities, which is getting data signals out from below-ground effectively to the cellular and other radio networks such as 2G, 3G, 4G and NB-IoT. These signals are usually attenuated or partially blocked by chambers and manhole covers, which leads to poor performance and unreliable data-capture. Eradicating unreliable data points not only saves labour and maintenance costs, but it can ultimately help save Utilities £millions in potential fines.

The newly introduced Manhole Cover Antenna provides substantial cost savings and efficiencies across all water networks. This antenna has already proven its worth with UK, European water networks and with sub-contractors having deployed these unique devices in the thousands. 

Typically, the antenna would be connected to a data logger or other underground sensor in the clean or wastewater networks. As the compact yet rugged antenna is situated discreetly on top of the access cover, it transmits a much stronger and steady signal from the device below the ground. In turn, this provides a reliable and stable transmission, thus enabling more effective and efficient monitoring of water usage, losses, and other performance indicators.

The use of Water Loggers in the clean water network is well established. The monitoring of the wastewater networks is ramping up all over the UK, Europe and indeed Worldwide, which provides an opportunity to use Adaptive’s low profile antenna at the installation stage of new devices Globally.

Another hot topic in the water industry is smart metering and this roll-out will face similar connectivity problems that can, in most cases, be solved with the insertion of Adaptive’s antenna that readily fits on top of the access cover.

Adaptive Modules are reaching out to Water Utilities, their contractors, device manufacturers, communications companies, data providers and chamber & access cover manufacturers. This strategy ensures that all stakeholders have an awareness of the advantages the antenna can bring to their own offering, as well as helping all industry partners to monitor what is happening across the networks.

Aside from the water industry, the antenna could have similar positive effects in monitoring assets situated in underground chambers. For example, gas, electricity, communications, railways, smart cities to name a few.

The advantages to Utilities are considerable, including:

  • Helping to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Increasing data evidence points.
  • Allowing urgent action to be taken should a network issue arise.
  • Enabling reliable transmission of data from data loggers and sensors.

Adaptive Module’s antenna has been rolled out as part of a device replacement project to guarantee coverage for new monitoring equipment and can also be easily retrofitted. Installation is simple, quick and requires no special skills or equipment.

The Antenna can handle the full range of 2G, 3G, 4G and NB-IoT frequencies and its performance is excellent.

Colin Thornback, Account Manager at Adaptive Modules says: “Having spoken with Utility managers across the Country, there is a clear need to improve data coverage of devices monitoring their networks, as there are too many black spots. Those Utilities that have engaged with us and tested the antenna are 100% happy. We are also working with access cover manufacturers and monitoring device suppliers to add functionality to their products and make it easier for the Utilities going forward.”