Ryan Nicholls, Fixed Gas Detection Regional Account Manager

Ryan is a Fixed Gas Detection Regional Account Manager based in Wiltshire, responsible for Dräger’s Fixed Gas Detection customers in the South-West of England. Ryan joined the FGDS Dräger team in March.

How are you finding things with the Dräger team so far?

I’ve only joined the team a little less than a month ago but so far, it’s been great! I’m learning a lot about the company, its values, all the interesting safety products we have, and getting to know my co-workers. We have a fun team here in Dräger’s Fixed Gas Detection Team and they’ve been very welcoming and helpful while I’m getting up to speed. It’s made my first few weeks here a great experience overall and I’m happy to have joined the Dräger team.

It’s great to have you onboard, Ryan. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

I am Wiltshire born and bred, however I do not own a combine harvester or tractor. I maintain a very active lifestyle, exercising and eating healthy, and I’m passionate about Crossfit – both in participation and in coaching. I coach children and seniors. In fact, my youngest athlete is 7 and my oldest is 83, so that shows you that anyone can do it! I am a firm believer that everyone should just get up and move as much as they can. I also enjoy Football and Jujitsu, as well as taking trips to Old Trafford with my nephew. And you can’t beat a good holiday to take some time to refresh – even if it’s just a short break!

I know it’s still early in your time with Dräger, but what do you think about the company and its contributions to the industry?

I still have much to learn about, but I really appreciate Dräger’s approach to safety and the value it puts on using technology to create products that keep people safe from harm. It’s so interesting to me to think that Dräger has been around for more than 130 years and still coming up with new ideas all the time, utilising wireless and smart technology to stay in line with industry needs and employing cloud storage to make it easier to access and transfer data.

Do you have a favourite Dräger product yet?

I do! I’m really impressed with the Dräger X-node. It’s a wireless gas detection product that can measure gas concentration levels, temperature, humidity, pressure – pretty much everything you need! Being wireless is obviously a huge benefit since the customer doesn’t need to worry about connecting the X-node to wired power or a cable for transmitting data, so you can install it virtually anywhere you want to, and the rechargeable battery is reliable for up to 12 months. And you can access the X-node via a Bluetooth-connected device to make adjustments or access data.

What can your customers expect from working with you?

I’ve always been a people person and I naturally fell into a junior sales role at 19. I enjoyed working in sales and was good at it, so I’ve stuck with this type of role trying different products, from glass radiators to luxury holiday homes. Once I moved into technical sales about six years ago, I knew I’d found my feet. I enjoyed meeting and working with a variety of customers, helping them with their projects and offering them real solutions. I love the variance in customer sites too, already I have visited a dairy, a well-known crisps maker and water treatment works. It’s great. Now I get to learn all about new products and services from Dräger and meet new customers. I get a lot of satisfaction from meeting new people, hearing about each customer’s unique challenges and then offering a suitable solution. It makes for an exciting and rewarding experience at work!