Phosphorus, originating from sources like minerals, detergents, and agricultural runoff, poses environmental challenges due to its role as a plant nutrient. While essential for biological sewage treatment, excessive phosphorus can lead to eutrophication and harm aquatic ecosystems. Effective phosphorus removal is thus crucial in wastewater treatment to prevent environmental damage.

Phosphorus exists in various forms in wastewater, including bioavailable orthophosphate (o-PO4) and total phosphorus (TP). The 2035 Analyser from Metrohm offers a comprehensive solution for continuous monitoring of both o-PO4 and TP, ensuring efficient treatment processes and regulatory compliance.

The 2035 Analyser stands out for its capability to analyse low levels of phosphorus compounds in unfiltered samples. By employing direct colourimetric applications, it accurately measures o-PO4 in samples. For TP analysis, the analyser utilises a high temp digestion process followed by photometric measurement, enabling comprehensive monitoring according to EN ISO 6878 standards. The analyser facilitates continuous monitoring of influent and effluent streams, allowing timely adjustments in chemical treatment processes to optimise efficiency and minimise costs. Its compact design and multiple sample stream compatibility enhance flexibility and control in phosphorus treatment operations.

Equipped with a stable and thermostated photometer module, the 2035 Analyser ensures reliable performance over a wide concentration range with very low levels of detection possible. The choice between a cuvette system and a fiber optic dipping probe offers versatility to suit different application requirements. Photometric analysis, a widely-used technique, enables the determination of various ions in water samples with high accuracy.

The benefits of online analysis include cost savings through reduced downtime, as the system promptly alerts operators to out-of-specification values. Continuous process data availability eliminates the need for slow manual laboratory methods, enabling real-time decision-making. Additionally, efficient chemical treatment is facilitated by constant monitoring of influent and effluent streams, ensuring optimal treatment outcomes.

Metrohm Process Analytics provide a reliable and efficient solution for monitoring phosphorus levels in wastewater treatment processes. The ability to analyse low levels of phosphorus compounds in unfiltered samples, coupled with continuous online monitoring capabilities, makes it indispensable for ensuring environmental compliance and optimising treatment efficiency.

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