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HVO solution keeps pollution and disruption to a minimum during hospital works

Selwood, renowned as the UK’s leading pump rental solutions provider, constantly innovates to find the most efficient and sustainable solutions for customers. The company was an early adopter of more environmentally HVO fuel, which is now an option for use across its range of UK-manufactured pumps.

The background

Keeping disturbance and environmental impact to a minimum was a priority for the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital as it undertook a project to construct a new building at its site at Wonford.

The new building was to be built over the top of existing underground foul sewage and storm water lines, which needed to be moved to enable the development to take place.

Following a site survey the contractor, Morgan Sindall, instructed Selwood’s pump rental solutions team to carry out the overpumping operation so that the pipework could be relocated. Selwood’s team turned their attention to finding a sensitive solution that met the requirements of the Trust.

The challenge

The site of the development was next to active hospital wards, near the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit and on a blue-light ambulance route where 24/7 access was required. In addition, the job needed to be carried out at a busy time for the hospital during the Covid pandemic.

The pump diverting water from the storm lines was only activated when required, but the foul pump for sewage needed to run around the clock.

Patient comfort and safety were the highest priority for Selwood’s teams in developing a solution which needed to overcome the challenge of providing an effective overpumping solution while keeping noise, vibration and diesel emissions to the absolute minimum.

The solution

Selwood recently became the first UK rental company to offer pumps that can be fuelled by Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (HVO). This followed extensive testing of HVO in Selwood’s fleet of pumps, which proved that HVO is completely interchangeable with diesel with no negative effect on performance.

HVO is made from renewable raw materials and can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% while also reducing nitrogen oxide and particulate matter from emissions.

Pumps using HVO fuel were housed in Selwood’s Super Silent canopies – the combined effect of which was a greatly reduced noise and emissions output in line with the requirements of the client and Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Trust.

Deliveries and installation to site were carefully planned for times when vehicles could be safely parked out of the way, ensuring there was no obstruction of the vital blue light route into the hospital.

Selwood’s solution was delivered on schedule and in a way that was 100% compliant with Covid safety measures including the wearing of masks and strict social distancing.

Morgan Sindall, and the Trust both expressed satisfaction with the solution and the professionalism of Selwood’s teams in making sure this important work could be carried out with minimal pollution and disruption.


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