As our climate changes and our population increases there is an ever-increasing demand for water, particularly where water resources are already under stress. Significantly increased populations in various parts of the country predicted within the next 30 – 50 years and changing lifestyles will only exacerbate this.

Contributing to Britain’s water issues is ‘over supply’. That is the water that is wasted when taps are left running or the shower pumps out more water than is needed. Recent reports from Defra1 have highlighted the waste of water from ‘over supply’ needs to be addressed by water companies in their strategies to manage this precious resource.

The demand for more efficient supply of water is likely to be reflected in several directives:

Reduction of Per Capital Consumption (PCC) becoming much higher profile in water company performance targets.

A review of minimum standards of water supply within Part G of the Building Regulations.

The establishment of a register of water efficient products that (should) drive down consumption by encouraging users to consider water usage when purchasing and installing fittings and white goods.

The Challenge

Whilst water efficient products on water fittings is now common, e.g., aerators on taps and ‘eco’ shower heads, the cost in modern homes with multiple bathrooms can be prohibitive to developers and premises management. There is anecdotal evidence that these fittings are not retained in the property, either being removed and / or not replaced during upgrades.

The alternative is a “fixed” water management system. Groundbreaker’s LoFlo Check Valve systems can help modulate the level of flow entering customer premises – regardless of network pressure, meaning a reduction in the level of water used by customers when ‘variable use’ appliances (i.e., showers, taps, hosepipes) are used. As the flow of water into the premises is limited, then the amount used by the customer is also limited – without a degradation of service, and more importantly not requiring any intervention or behavioural change on the part of the customer, leading to ‘natural’ reduction in per capita consumption.

As these products are fitted to the main water supply, and not each individual outlet they remove any risk of consumer interference and ensure that minimum standards of water supply are maintained as specified within the Water Industry Act and Water Fittings Regulations. An additional benefit of a fixed water management system is cost. A single fitting would eliminate the cost of multiple flow devices at taps, showers, etc.

So, how can Groundbreaker Systems help?

There are now two products that fulfil the same role.

In properties with a meter Groundbreaker’s NRv2 LoFlo is installed between the water meter and manifold in any underground or surface mounted water meter enclosure. This means fitting does not interfere with occupier. Entry to the premises is not required. It is an easy, low-cost intervention that can be introduced without expensive excavation or retrospective work.

For properties are not metered, the new addition to the range is the LoFlo InLine. This is fitted on the main water supply pipe, normally just after the main stoptap.

In either unit, several flow modulation ranges are available which enable the perfect balance between usage reduction and service provision. As an added benefit, the Groundbreaker’s LoFlo Check Valve systems have the unique property of providing whole site protection against contamination by back flow (up to fluid category 2) as standard. Groundbreaker products are compliant with all Regulations and defined criteria and are used extensively across the whole of the UK water supply network – whether that be North of Scotland or the Channel Islands.

Groundbreaker’s LoFlo Check Valve systems allow Water Companies to manage demand with little or no impact on consumers and at minimal cost to the water undertakers – effectively a 3 in 1 solution.

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