Chiltern Thrust Bore Ltd is the UK’S leading specialist ‘NO-DIG’ contractor, specialising in a range of trenchless applications with a reputation for excellence, reliability and high standards of workmanship. 

By adopting a ‘can do’ attitude backed up by key personnel offering a wealth of knowledge and experience within the trenchless industry, CTB Ltd has been achieving Clients’ aspirations through innovative solutions since 1994. 

Trenchless Technology is now recognised as being an efficient method for installing pipes and ducts which is both cost effective and environmentally friendly. Whether you require the installation of new services or are upgrading existing ones, Chiltern Thrust Bore provides a variety of solutions that will be tailored to meet your requirements from planning through to completion. 

Whether on major roads, railways, watercourses, SSSI’s, airport projects, or more specialist engineering schemes at major sports venues across the UK and Mainland Europe, we always take each job in our stride.

We cover the full range of Trenchless activities that you might expect on either specialist contracts or full turnkey packages. These include, but are not limited to, Directional Drilling (HDD), Guided Auger Boring (GAB), Unguided Auger Boring, Pipe Ramming, Pipe Bursting, Rock Drilling and Rock Boring. Working for large contractors and independent enquirers alike. Installing all forms of pipework, including; HDPE cable ducting, clay foul and surface water drainage and steel gas pipes.

We pride ourselves on our professional approach which, along with our ‘can do’ attitude, ensures our clients receive only the best services whilst working with us. When working with our clients we ensure that their needs and desires are satisfied whilst protecting the local infrastructure, environment and ecosystem. 

In order to provide the best possible assistance with our clients civil engineering works, we endeavour to help them understand how we work and how it can benefit their projects. 

The process of Horizontal Directional Drilling (above) is an effective means of installing single or multiple pipes and ducts from 25mm to 900mm diameter. We pride ourselves in offering a service that leaves environmentally sensitive landscapes unscathed during the directional drilling process. By using our large fleet of steerable direction drilling rigs, we can provide a precise and controlled bore in which the final product pipe(s) can then be pulled to completion. With an accuracy of +/- 50mm we can install up two 200m of pipe a per day with extreme precision.

Guided Auger Boring (Right) provides an even more precise method of trenchless installation. Able to thrust out of 2.1m PCC rings, the guided auger bore can be utilised on sites with confined space. Originally designed and predominately used for drainage, Guided Auger Boring is evermore becoming the methodology of choice for duct installations, particularly in sensitive areas or adverse ground conditions. Whether it’s installing steel sleeves or clay jacking pipe, this technique is the ideal No-Dig solution for gravity pipelines, drainage pipes and various ducting requirements with an accuracy of +/- 1%.

Chiltern Thrust Bore boasts a prestigious reputation, having installed pipework under the UK’s major airports, national rail lines, MOD bases and even at the London 2012 Olympics. This wealth of knowledge and experience within the trenchless industry has led to Chiltern Thrust Bore becoming the UK’s leading ‘NO-DIG’ contractor.