With sustainability a priority and population growth a strain, innovation in wastewater management plays a pivotal role in achieving water resilience.

OCU Northavon is a leading authority of expertise and innovation in water and wastewater systems and protecting the environment is at the core of this innovative company.

Dedicated to water, for over 30 years OCU Northavon is committed to driving standards of the water sector within the UK utilities and energy industry. Recognising the pivotal role of effective wastewater treatment solutions, particularly in light of evolving regulatory frameworks such as the Government’s Levelling Up & Regeneration mandates, alongside mounting pressures from population growth and the UK’s net zero journey, the water sector faces a pressing directive to ensure enduring water resilience and sustainabilty.

Wastewater treatment plants, if built efficiently, can keep clean and healthy water flowing for up to four decades, playing a vital role.

Wastewater management transformation

OCU Northavon has gained a reputation for their market-leading technology offering innovative wastewater treatment solutions that are versatile to meet the complex demands of wastewater provision.

A regional water company appointed OCU Northavon for the design, construction and installation of a sustainable and high-performing treatment facility at Radford, Devon, ensuring environmental stewardship and statutory compliance, as well as meeting the needs of South West Water and the local community.

OCU Northavon is the exclusive supplier of Setfords Technology, who provide modular temporary wastewater technology, but in this case, was utilised for a permanent solution in a very short timeframe and played a key role in the success of the Radford plant.

Their specialist technology and innovative approach were pivotal to the success of the Radford treatment facility, which is a beacon in driving excellence in the wastewater sector. Due to OCU Northavon’s innovative modular treatment systems combined with being able to also provide market-leading MEICA and civil engineering solutions, the Radford project indeed achieved effective pollutant removal and outstanding compliance with regulatory standards.

“On this project OCU Northavon were able to mobilise to site in a very short timeframe and adapt our modular Setford technology treatment equipment into a permanent facility for the client successfully. This project is typical of the collaborative approach that OCU Northavon and South West Water have taken since working together to overcome problems with innovative solutions.” said Mark Rogers, OCU Regional Director.

Embracing the future: innovative approach to water treatment

This project marks a significant stride towards sustainable and efficient wastewater management. The integration of cutting-edge technology not only enhances the treatment process also underscores a commitment to environmental stewardship.

With this project OCU Northavon did not simply comply but strived to go above and beyond. Collectively reflecting a commitment to modernising infrastructure and ensuring optimal functionality, not just for today but for generations to come.

As the UK water sector innovates, OCU Northavon’s clean and wastewater treatment services continue to shape a sustainable and resilient future for water infrastructure projects.

About OCU Group

OCU is a leader in utilities and energy transition contracting; operating throughout the UK. The Group delivers a wide range of client focused solutions, working with a large client base and specialising in Water, Wastewater, Energy and Telecoms markets. OCU is also leading the way in horizontal drilling work through its OCU Trenchless division. In August 2022, OCU was acquired by Triton Partners, one of Europe’s leading private equity firms. Triton operates from 12 offices across the world with their current portfolio of companies having combined annual revenues of over €18bn.