Palintest - Antonia Kamenova, Matthew Hentley-Richold and Kerry Tully Antonia Kamenova, production operator, Matthew Hentley-Richold, manufacturing manager and Kerry Tully, production operator.

Water analysis technology pioneer Palintest has made a major investment in its manufacturing facilities, to meet increasing demand for its products and support its strategic growth ambitions.

The Gateshead, UK-headquartered company, which manufactures equipment for water quality monitoring and disinfection control, has invested in a range of new equipment and strengthened the infrastructure at its Team Valley site.

It is the largest investment by Palintest in its manufacturing operations in a decade.

The investment has included increasing the number of production lines at the site from one to three. The large production line will be dedicated to the production of large batch products, a second line will focus on Palintest’s smaller batch products and a smaller production line will be dedicated to sample batches for use in R&D, and products which require more complex manufacturing processes.

Two new tablet manufacturing machines have been installed on the Team Valley site, which have increased its tablet manufacturing capacity by 115%, and improvements have been made to Palintest’s PQT laboratory, which will support the company’s testing and R&D activities, and aid new product development.

In addition, a £500,000 investment has been made to create a new fully automated liquid product line at the Team Valley site, which has been introduced to streamline the liquid product manufacturing process, and a further £500,000 has been invested into a new air handling unit.

Established in the UK in 1989, but with a history dating back to the 1800s, Palintest has pioneered techniques and technology used in water management, the pool and spa sector, the food and beverage sector and humanitarian aid, as well as in a variety of industrial processes.

Palintest’s technologies are manufactured in the UK and are used globally in a variety of applications to protect lives and the environment. Its customers include water companies and municipal authorities, leisure facility operators, NGOs and food processing plants.

Mark Davison, managing director at Palintest, said: “Palintest is growing rapidly, so it was vital that we strengthened our manufacturing capabilities and capacity to meet increasing global demand for our water analysis technology.

“In addition, the investment gives us the confidence that we can deliver on our growth plans and realise our ambitions. It is a statement of intent.”

James Seel, director of operations at Palintest, added: “By introducing more state-of-the-art equipment to our facilities, we can respond with greater agility and flexibility to market requirements, work more efficiently and cut lead times for our customers.

“The investment in our Team Valley site also demonstrates Palintest’s commitment to the long-term future of our manufacturing base in North East England, and has opened up new development opportunities for our workforce.”

Palintest’s solutions include: Kemio™ products, which use an electrochemical technique, powered by Palintest’s patented single-use sensor technology, to test for chemicals and heavy metals in water; the Lumiso photometer range, which covers all major water quality parameters; Turbimeter Plus, which is  used to test for turbidity and total suspended solids; and a wide range of kits designed for testing water in domestic swimming pools and hot tubs.

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