Pipeline Infrastructure including pipes, fittings, valves and retaining structures are all coated with protective coatings for anti-corrosion, erosion, maintaining quality or legal requirements to maintain life-time asset protection. Such coatings extend the life of the working asset, however, there are occasions when repairs and re-coating are required to maintain performance.

Repairs can become apparent throughout the working life of assets due to;

• New legal requirements of water quality or treatment

• Premature failure due to unplanned use

• “Hot Spots” developing due to increase flow rates or cavitation problems

• Extension in asset life prior to costly replacement

Pipeline Protection have been coating and repairing pipelines and retaining structures for over 40 years and within this time encountered different projects which required in-situ coating application to protect from many issues; these varied from Sulphate Reducing Bacteria (SRBs) to meeting legal requirements of water quality for UK Drinking Water Standards.

Different coating systems impart specific aspects of protection and will enhance asset life.

Coating Systems and main attributes:

Polyurethane – Good anti-corrosion and excellent wear resistance properties

Epoxy – Excellent anti-corrosion properties providing good chemical resistance

Polyethylene – Impermeable barrier against water

Zinc/Aluminium – Excellent anti-corrosion protection acting as anode in protection system

Fusion Bonded Epoxy – Excellent anti-corrosion and chemical resistance

Elastomeric – Rubber linings possess excellent wear and chemical resistance

Cold Applied Tapes – Butyl Rubber/Petroleum low cost corrosion prevention

Bitumen – Long established corrosion protection, suitable for non-potable applications

Shutdown and maintenance of operational pipeline infrastructure is both costly and also inconvenient to the end customer. Pipeline Protection (NE) Ltd would assist in planning and effecting repair work to the shortest possible timescale. We work within all sectors of the Pipeline Industry; Water, Oil, Gas & Petrochem to effect repairs on pipeline coatings and linings and employ experienced, trained staff to carry out application of coatings.

Case Study: SeaShield Jackets used on Sea Outfall Pipes

Pipeline Protection (NE) Ltd used Denso SeaShield Jackets for the protection of Sea Outfall pipes where the original external coating was deteriorating prematurely. The existing pipeline coating system was undergoing gradual erosion due to an aggressive environment of wind and water borne sand/gravel particles.

Denso SeaShield Jackets were specifically designed for anti-corrosion splash zone protection, but with 40 years knowledge Pipeline Protection (NE) Ltd adapted the technology for this application. Subsequent in-service inspection results indicated that the erosion of the outfall had been checked.