Having supplied dust, fume, noise, ventilation and monitoring solutions to tier 1 construction contractors for nearly 30 years, RVT Group are now offering many of their solutions to the water industry. Water and sewage engineers come across a variety of challenges that could pose significant risks to their health every day and the RVT Group are on hand to provide you with fully approved health hazard control solutions that will protect your workforce.

Tunnels, Shafts, Tanks and Treatment Facilities

Whether you are working in an enclosed tank, treatment facility, sewage pipe, shaft or tunnel, there is a high possibility that you will be exposed to noxious gases. RVT Group will conduct a survey and tailor a ventilation solution which will supply clean air and remove gases, fumes and vapours. Our range of Ventex Ventilation solutions includes axial and centrifugal fans in a range of sizes, capable of providing between 1000 m2/hour airflow and 120,000 m2/hour airflow. If greater airflow is required, we can duct several units into the work area. For confined spaces or otherwise hazardous environments we can offer smaller ATEX IECEX certified units.

Confined Spaces

In many instances, the shafts and tunnels you are operating in will be subject to the Confined Space Regulation 1997. This is because the area is not only enclosed, but there is also a serious risk of either explosion, loss of consciousness, drowning or asphyxiation. In addition to ventilation solutions, RVT Group also offer a range of confined space equipment to assist with access, egress, monitoring and emergency situations.

Latest Project: Ventilation at Water Treatment Works

Overview: A Water Treatment Works, which provides 200 million litres of water a day to over 3 million homes and businesses, urgently required inspection and repair works on a large water contact tank just below ground level.

Challenge: To keep the water clean, a very small dose of chlorine is added systematically to the water in the tank. The tank was drained for the urgent inspection and repairs but, due to a faulty valve, there was chlorine entering the empty tank. This created an extremely hazardous atmosphere, making entry into the tank impossible without significant RPE and breathing apparatus.

Solution: Following a site survey and analysis, RVT proposed a strong positive pressure and air-change system, effectively utilising the “lanes” in the tank as a duct. This was achievable thanks to hatches at each end of the lanes which served as ideal entrance and exit points for the air. A pair of powerful Ventex® 600S high pressure fans and flexible duct runs were sited at these hatches to purge the tank with a high air change rate. View the full case study online.

More Information

For more information about how RVT Group support the water industry, or to download product datasheets and best practice guides, please visit https://rvtgroup.co.uk/sectors/water-sewage