During construction of a sewage plant in Sichuan, China, the operator required a dosing pump control system in order to precisely manage chemical injection as part of the site’s state-of-the-art design.

The plant – an 80-million-yuan ($11-million) development expected to process 20,000 m3 of sewage per day – was to incorporate advanced technology for the handling of complex applications such as anaerobic-anoxic-oxic (AAO) including a deep bed denitrification filter.

Meanwhile, a key requirement during planning was the protection of water quality and the maintenance of a healthy ecological balance within local water bodies.

For this, SEKO was approached to supply a dedicated solution for sodium hypochlorite, phosphate remover and carbon-source dosing at various stages of the process.

Following an initial site assessment and collaboration with the operator, SEKO recommended its motor-driven Spring series pumps and Elektra control units as the ideal solutions to meet all the operator’s needs.

With a requirement for high-accuracy dosing to ensure reliable water treatment and reduced chemical consumption, Spring and Elektra’s exceptional precision to within 2% of target made the combination the natural choice.

Meanwhile, Elektra’s integrated Wi-Fi server and connection to the SekoWeb smartphone app and online platform meant that technicians could view live and historical dosing data on demand 24/7 from any location.

With this essential information at their fingertips they would gain a complete understanding of their process while the ability to manage programmes and view alarms remotely allowed them to implement changes, identify faults and plan maintenance without the need to attend site.

Not only would this enable the operator to save on travel time and cost, it meant they could also reduce their environmental impact as part of a long-term sustainability policy.

Elektra also boasts a Modbus RS485 protocol integrated on the main board, giving the operator another professional data communication option should Wi-Fi connection be unavailable.

The combination of Spring and Elektra provides the client with exceptional real-time flow monitoring and control, ensuring that chemical dosing remains stable throughout operation – an extremely valuable feature in a process where consistency is essential.

Finally, with 4 to 20 mA analogue output, Elektra is both highly noise resistant and well suited for long-distance transmission – ideal for this large-scale site.

Since the installation of SEKO’s Spring and Elektra systems, the operator has reported excellent control of their process and a significant water quality improvement in surrounding watercourses.

Another example of a SEKO solution helping customers achieve long-term, cost-effective improvements in their daily operations.