Phosphorus is often regarded as a dual-natured element – acting both as a vital nutrient and a potential threat.

Every being relies on phosphorus for development, and it plays a critical role in agriculture with fertilisers and animal feed. Despite being a vital part of the development stage, excess phosphorus levels discharged into waterways can cause them to become nutrient-rich and lead to the extreme growth of plants and algae, harming the ecosystem, including aquatic life and water quality.

It’s estimated that discharge from sewage treatment plants accounts for a significant 60 to 80% of the phosphorus residing in waterways. Phosphorus levels can be kept to a minimum through a treatment known as P removal, but without the right equipment, chemicals from these treatments can backflow, impacting the viability of the water and potentially contaminating water networks.

At Dutypoint, we design and supply washdown products that provide water companies with the necessary washdown capabilities once chemical treatment has been supplied, preventing chemicals from the treatment from running back into the water supply and affecting water quality.

Our team has assisted on several P removal projects, helping to prevent any problems from arising following treatment. We were recently contacted to assist with the installation of the temporary filter plant of Kinnerley Treatment Works, acting as the final safeguarding stage of their project following the P removal chemical treatment. The temporary filter has been brought in to treat 50 litres of water per second. By enabling this, Severn Trent will be able to complete essential maintenance at the site.

Prior to our involvement in the project, the site already had a pre-existing water treatment process which included two aeration towers, chlorine gas, three iron and manganese pressure filters, a balance tank, and two high-lift pumps. Our input involved pairing our cold water booster with a washdown package, including a cat 5 AB air gap, to prevent harmful water from flowing back into the system. Partnering these products together enables clean water to be boosted around and ensures the water supply remains clean, safe and viable.

Our team had a small footprint to work with, and our engineers designed the systems with this in mind. Our cold water booster set design included two interconnecting DN200 stainless steel manifolds (AISI 316 stainless steel) with isolation and non-return valves for each, two pumps fitted with pressure gauges on each side of each pump, a local control panel and IFM transducers. The collaboration ensured we were able to deliver a prompt end result.

At Dutypoint, our goal is to develop innovative products that assist with all things fluid technology. Dutypoint has a wide array of cat 5 specialised products we can tailor to fit a myriad of needs and constraints thanks to our engineers and in-house design team.

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