How can you ride the wave of change in the UK? As you begin to invest in technology such as AMI smart meters and widespread data capture/analysis, it’s important to know what you’re looking for – both in technology and in the partner themselves. Here are key pointers to make the most of the transition.

Choose the mix of technologies that’s right for YOU

Look for a partner that is focused on your desired outcomes and willing to explore a range of technologies to deliver a solution that works for you.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to smart water metering, so you’ll need a provider that can flex its approach to deliver the best proposal for you. Can they listen to your needs and develop an approach that includes a mix of technologies to satisfy your requirements?

The best match is a provider that can leverage a dedicated, private network while also offering other options, including the latest standards-based LPWAN technologies, such as LoRaWAN and NB-IoT. They should also offer integration with a range of trusted manufacturers and partners.

Get the full picture for better ROI

Look for a provider that is focused on providing high-quality, complete data with certainty.

Smart water metering can help achieve impressive outcomes, including reduced leakage and lower per capita consumption. But those outcomes depend upon high-quality data. It’s important to understand the rate of meter readings available over the smart metering network – is your provider willing to guarantee that success rate for you? What happens if or when that success rate isn’t achieved (and who picks up the bill to put it right)?

Meters or technology choices that aren’t effective for the installation environment mean incomplete data, so you won’t make the most of your smart metering investment.

Think beyond the here and now

Look for a provider that’s focused on delivering an adaptable network and offers certainty over the lifetime of your assets.

Needs can change, so make sure your smart metering network is built with that in mind. For example, if your business requirements become more demanding and you need more data, you’ll be grateful for a network that can adapt to those requirements without major upheaval and you should also be mindful of unforeseen costs. Asset failure, connectivity investigations and the need to fit additional equipment can all lead to additional costs over the course of your smart metering programme.

Regularly delivered data as a benchmark

When choosing your partner, prioritise those with data transfer success rates of at least 95% over the entire lifespan of your asset, and frequent readings.

It’s not only essential that data is trustworthy, but it needs to be regular too. Frequent, quality data gives you the confidence to make better business decisions, based on the most up-to-date insights. When choosing your partner, prioritise those with data transfer success rates of at least 95% over the entire lifespan of your asset, and hourly readings.

How quickly could your smart metering programme be operating at scale?

When it’s time to implement your smart metering strategy, time is of the essence. So make sure your chosen provider has the ability to undertake a comprehensive rollout with speed and accuracy.

What’s more, find out if they have the capacity to scale your network at a pace that suits you. If not, this could soon become a pain point. When you make decisions, you want a partner who can action them with you.

How Arqiva can help

As proven leaders in smart water metering, having already installed more than 1.6 million water meters in the UK, we understand your challenges. At Arqiva, we appreciate that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we tailor our approach to your needs – putting our dedicated, private network at the core of our offer to deliver high-quality, granular data, and supplementing this with other technologies, such as LoRaWAN and NB-IoT, to offer solutions that fit your specific needs.

We also understand that poor performance and unexpected mid-rollout costs can de-rail smart metering programmes. Our value-for-money service guarantees you’ll get the outcomes you want without the surprise of additional charges. We’ll keep working with you until everything is just right, and give you the best pricing for the duration of your programme’s lifespan.

With flexible financing, a strong supply chain and superior data collection, we’ll help you get up and running at pace. We’ll make sure you get the most from your investment, helping you translate smart data into smart insight while mitigating up-front costs.

Get in touch with our experts to discuss how our AMI smart metering networks can help you deliver your ambitions.

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