Over the years, AQUADVANCED® Water Supply (formerly known as AQUADVANCED® Energy) has been successfully implemented by various water operators around the globe, resulting in reduced energy usage, cost savings, carbon reduction and increased efficiency.

SUEZ is delighted to host the first User Forum for this smart water solution. The forum will be an excellent opportunity to gain insights into the latest developments, results, and learnings from fellow users. The event will feature:

  • Success stories from industry users of AQUADVANCED® Water Supply, including long term users that have maximised their use of the product’s many features
  • A presentation by SUEZ on the development roadmap and future of the product, with the opportunity to provide input on the future of the product.
  • A platform to share tips on maximizing the benefits of the software
  • An opportunity to connect with experts from SUEZ and other customers
  • A chance to understand how AQUADVANCED® Water Supply fits into the wider Aquadvanced suite of products for potable and waste water.

The event takes place in London on Tuesday 11th June 2024. To register your interest in attending, please click here .