Drinking water providers around the world are under constant pressure to employ equipment and technologies which comply with increasingly stringent legal and legislative requirements. Perhaps less obvious though, are the ‘hidden’ benefits which this strategy can bring for the water provider, so it’s worth looking at these in a little more detail.

A good case in point is the Hyprolyser® 280-2200 system from Gaffey Technical Services. This innovative electrochlorination system is now approved under Regulation 31 of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000, for use on UK public water supplies. It uses market-leading technology to generate sodium hypochlorite by applying an electrical current to a water and salt solution, and with Regulation 31 approved models offering output capacities from 280 – 2200g/h of chlorine, the Hyprolyser® is well-suited to a wide variety of requirements. This technology has already been thoroughly proven in use on many different applications around the world. While this adherence to the required regulations make the Hyprolyser® an obvious choice for potable water treatment applications, it has many more advantages to offer the operator.

Key among these advantages is safety. The Hyprolyser® generates sodium hypochlorite solution on-site, using no more than salt, water and electrical energy. It produces a solution containing less than 1% chlorine, falling below the hazardous classification threshold. By eliminating the need to store and handle potentially dangerous chlorine-based chemicals on site, the Hyprolyser® also has simple operational requirements which can easily be handled by non-technical staff.

The low caustic content of the hypochlorite solution which the Hyprolyser® produces also delivers other benefits which are beyond the remit of Regulation 31 requirements, particularly when it comes to maintenance and operational safety. Chemical injection points remain scale-free, and this significantly reduces both the need for regular chlorine injector inspections, and the frequency of higher risk maintenance tasks for operating personnel. Naturally, this also has a very beneficial impact on maintenance costs, as well the reliability of the entire disinfection system. In addition, all models in the Hyprolyser® 280-2200 range have been independently assessed for Hazardous Area Classification, confirming that they create no external hazardous zones.

Even environmental benefits can be created when using an appropriately-approved electrochlorination system like the Hyprolyser®. Unlike commercial hypochlorite products, the salt which the Hyprolyser® uses does not degrade over time, which allows it to be delivered in bulk and stored safely on-site. This reduces the frequency of the deliveries that are required and the vehicle journeys involved, and this can be a particular benefit where a water treatment facility is located in a geographically remote area.

Any chlorination system which carries Regulation 31 approval can be expected to be the product of considerable industry and manufacturing experience, and the Hyprolyser® is no exception. Gaffey Technical Services Ltd is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of industrial and commercial water disinfection solutions, and the company is internationally recognised for its technical expertise and innovative product development. Not surprisingly, this has already helped the Hyprolyser® system find considerable international success on drinking, wastewater treatment, commercial swimming pools and various general processing duties.

Hyprolyser® systems are manufactured in the UK, and there are now over 400 units in use in over 17 countries, including Canada, Australia and the UAE. Recent projects have seen Hyprolyser® systems installed at the UK’s Anglian Water Ardleigh Reservoir in Colchester, at the Logan City Round Mountain solar powered drinking water treatment project in Queensland, Australia, and on a public drinking water treatment plant on the remote South Atlantic island of St Helena.

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