Delivering Through Partnership

Why Watertrain?

Watertrain effectively combines the strengths of three different training organisations to offer utility clients training of the highest quality, as well as access to the latest funding streams.

About Us

Watertrain is an established and successful provider of technical training and qualifications to the utility sector. Our mutual aim is to focus on our clients’ needs, specifically in the area of National Apprentice Frameworks for the Gas, Water and Electricity sectors. By pooling the expertise of three well established training organisations (with a client base that already includes many of the UK’s blue chip utilities and contracting companies), we are able to offer solutions that take into account industry frameworks that underpin sustainable recruitment and training strategies.

An Expanding Client Base

The EU Skills Workforce Planning Model tells us that over the next 10 years the regulated water companies are collectively anticipating a requirement to recruit over 11,000 new members of staff. This is where Watertrain can really add value and address sector needs. With over 1000 students currently undertaking training with us, this is testimony to our ever increasing client base which includes many of the key players in the UK water industry.

Energy & Utility Skills

Energy & Utility Skills were thrilled to have brokered and helped develop this unique water apprenticeship, in partnership with Northern Ireland Water (NI Water). The apprenticeship, approved by the Department for Employment and Learning, will sustain the high level skills and competence required by the NI Water workforce now and into the future.

We are confident that the apprenticeship will prove to be the lifeblood of the company, providing a continuous circle of talent.

The programme ensures competent, capable, crafts-persons come in at one end to balance with retirees going out at the other, at a time when NI Water is going through a business transformation. EU Skills has worked with the Department to establish a managing agent and specialist provider for the apprenticeship. Watertrain are now established in this role and are equipping the apprentices with up-to-date knowledge and skills tailored to meet the needs of a high tech industry.