Comarch Smart Metering is an Internet of Things (IoT) solution that responds to the need for remote and automatic measurement of media consumption. Originally it concerned only electricity meters, now it also includes meters for water, gas, heat and other utilities, the consumption of which should be constantly monitored. The system architecture, which creates a ready-made solution for the needs of urban infrastructure development, also includes the concepts for creating Smart City and Industry 4.0.

Easy installation

These systems are associated with the IoT concept and are based on a combination of three elements: devices (which download data), cloud solutions (where data is stored) and connectivity (communication technologies through which data is transmitted), while providing a constant fully remote access to data in real time.

Most of them can be implemented using the existing infrastructure (the so-called retrofitting — modernisation, digitalisation). These systems rely on the installation of small IoT devices that collect consumption data and transfer them to the customer’s IT systems. The installation itself does not require replacement or breach of the integrity of meters, thereby preserving manufacturer guarantees and low-cost digitalisation of the network. One can also carry it out in a fast, less invasive and safe way. Comarch Smart Metering is one such solution.


Revolution in the utilities industry

A whole new era of readings has come. Smart Metering systems provide companies in the utilities sector with the ability to monitor media supply networks and efficiently respond to current events. Data can be obtained even from meters that are difficult to access and those located at long distances from each other. They are sent periodically, informing the end user about the reading, transmission data and possible failures and errors. This makes it possible to send teams almost immediately where they are needed at any given time. All this is to respond as quickly as possible if a problem arises.

In conclusion, incorporating an ecosystem of IoT solutions provides measurable value that allows the utilities sector to rationalise resource management and achieve real business benefits. On the other hand, the telecommunications sector gains revenues due to the digitalisation of the utilities sector. It provides a connection between devices and the IoT platform, and thus also contributes to the creation of green and smart cities, while protecting natural resources and the environment.

Smart Metering system operation in practice

The Comarch smart metering system is a solution that has been operating for over a year in practice. At the beginning of 2019, Comarch Smart Metering was implemented at a water supply company in the United Arab Emirates. The good condition of the current infrastructure there precluded the replacement of currently used meters, so it was necessary to carry out their digitalization. Comarch faced the challenge of retrofitting, which was a great success.

The Comarch Smart Metering implementation confirmed that the device also works in extremely difficult conditions (in the desert, in sewage wells, where meters are located at a depth of up to 8 metres underground). The use of the new data transmission technology (Narrowband-IoT) enabled to constantly transmit consumption and telemetry data in a secure and stable manner. What is important, Comarch Smart Metering can also rely on other types of technology. Currently, work is underway on the 4G and LORA versions.

The development perspective of Smart Metering with Comarch

It is predicted that remote monitoring solutions, including resources, which include smart metering solutions, will increasingly revolutionize the utilities industry. (IoT in Smart Cities Market by Solution, Service, Application, and Region – Global Forecast to 2023, Markets and markets).

We are already seeing a huge increase in their popularity. Climate change, the increase in demand for natural resources while reducing their availability generates the need to seek new technological solutions to protect them. The implementation of such solutions is no longer just a business opportunity, but also a drastic need of the modern world to which we must all respond.


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