For the second time, Wize Alliance is a media partner  of the Global Smart Water Metering Congress 2024

Wize Alliance is very happy to be a media partner of such a huge congress dedicated around the water industry. The Wize Alliance’s ambition is to federate an ecosystem around the Wize technology : A Long Range Wize Area Network standard around the 169 MHz frequency for IoT products around the air, water, electricity and energy sectors.

As such, the technology meets the needs of the water industry and water networks which are buried underground: water consumption, public water service performance, water data management, automatic and remote water cut-off, chlorine sensor monitoring, fire hydrants monitoring and leak detection. With Wize, utilities and public entities are able to monitor their network remotely and in real-time. Overwhole, Wize connects more than 18 million devices worldwide.

Being a media partner of the Global Smart Water Metering Congress 2024 edition bring a lot of benefits to the Wize Alliance visibility. It associates Wize Alliance with the leading minds in the water industry and in front of a senior industry audience. We are sure that the event will enhance Wize Alliance visibility in the UK and will bring  new members to the alliance.

About Wize Alliance 

Founded in 2017, Wize Alliance brings together major international players from the industrial and utility sectors to support the implementation of a Long Range Wize Area Network technology called Wize around the 169 MHz frequency for IoT products.

Wize was developed in VHF 169 MHz but it is modular and works on other close frequency bands. The current version is based on the European standard 13757-x, defined by the European Union to accompany the deployment of communicating meters. The standard is open to other use cases for IoT since 2017.

Wize Alliance’s members include water grid operators, transmission and distribution operators, equipment, semiconductor and battery manufacturers, information systems and complex industrial systems integrators, security experts, academics, wireless technology experts and start-ups.

For more information, please check: (video presentation) (water use case)