The demands on our existing waste water networks are many and varied. Population growth, for example, is rapidly forcing the expansion of urban areas in order to meet the demand for new housing. This directly impacts the quantity of water entering sewer networks which, in turn, reduces the capacity of a sewer to cope with flood events.

The effects of climate change (hotter summers, wetter winters and longer high-intensity rainfall events) will further significantly challenge the sewer networks.

Water companies also face multiple problems associated with pipe blockages. When undetected, blockages have the potential to cause untreated sewage to back up and potentially flood drains and streets. As well as causing physical damage to the pipe network, blockages can be expensive and time-consuming to remove and can lead to financial penalties from regulators.

When pairing together the challenges of maintaining a Victorian-era sewer network with urbanisation and climate change, water companies are finding themselves under increasing pressure to find smart, cost-effective solutions.

Monitoring of waste water networks in an effective way of ensuring the efficient performance of a sewer system. Monitoring also acts as an early warning indication for issues such as blockages and flooding.

HWM provides a variety of solutions for waste water network monitoring.


Intelligens is a data logger that is specifically engineered for the rigours of waste water applications, including combined sewer overflows, general sewer monitoring, storm drains, storage tanks and flood warning systems.

Intrinsically safe (ATEX/IEC Ex Zone 0), fully waterproof (IP68) and designed specifically to interface with a variety of sensors, Intelligens is truly flexible.

Integrated level to flow conversion software makes Intelligens easy to use and allows the operator to simply configure the device to measure flow rates.

Intelligens is also fitted with an integral 2G or 3G modem and features SMS fall-back, ensuring efficient, reliable transfer of data.

For waste water network monitoring, especially in remote or hard to access locations, the versatile Intelligens logger is perfectly suited.


Intelligens connectivity with multiple sources allows it to act as the ‘brain’ of a sensor network. By connecting SonicSens, the ultrasonic level sensor, water level can also be monitored.

SonicSens is an intelligent sensor that uses ultrasonic pulse to measure level within a water channel. Easy to install, ATEX adapted and fully waterproof, SonicSens is ideal for remote or challenging installations.

Through the use of ultrasonic pulse technology, the SonicSens device does not come into contact with the environment it is monitoring. By not touching the water, SonicSens is much less susceptible to contamination, meaning it is both reliable and cost-effective, requiring little to no cleaning or maintenance.

SonicSens is also highly useful as a secondary sensor in flow monitoring applications, where data is combined with velocity to generate flow information.

Intelligens Flow

Intelligens Flow is an advanced monitoring system that combines both a Doppler-effect sensor and a piezo resistive probe with a telemetry data logger to monitor flow and level.

An ATEX approved, intrinsically safe system, Intelligens Flow is designed to measure flow in part-filled pipes and open channels. This capability makes it the accepted technology for flow measurement in many sewer and drainage applications.

Developed for versatility, Intelligens Flow is compatible with a variety of additional float and level sensors, including SonicSens, making Intelligens Flow a complete waste water network monitoring solution.

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