HMG Water Solutions are a specialist supplier of products for pipe location, pipe survey and pipe leak detection. With a wealth of experience HMG Water Solutions are a distributor in the traditional leak detection market, supplying both above ground and in-pipe leak detection and survey tools to the utility companies and contractors large and small.

Traditional above ground leak detection has always been limited by background noise, depth of main and ground conditions and in-pipe pressure. HMG Water Solutions have successfully proven that a combination of both in-pipe and above ground techniques can deliver pinpoint accuracy on leaking water services and mains.

HMG Water Solutions mantra is Locate, Survey, Detect. And by working with the best manufacturers in the world including C-Scope, Vivax, Radiodetection as well as being the sole UK suppliers to FAST, SebaKMT and SynthoCamH2O, three of the world’s leading potable water leak detection brands, HMG Water Solutions leads the innovation application of leak detection technologies.

In 2019 the FAST PipeMic was shown on the ITV Sewermen program, where Severn Trent Water were successfully using the acoustic in-pipe leak detection system. Designed for live access into potable water mains up to 10bar pressure from end on insertion, hydrant insertion and / or Elster type Boundary Boxes, the PipeMic system accurately locates leaks in services and mains from inside the pipe. This can be located via the in-built Sonde and meterage inserted read out. The accuracy of the in-pipe system allows low level leaks to be detected accurately, particularly where joints are loose or stiffeners from couplings have been missed.

The combination of the accuracy of the PipeMic and its simplicity to use has seen this leak detection tool for use on both private and distribution side of the boundary box grow in popularity as a simple, low cost addition to the leak detection armoury on a van across the UK water networks.

The PipeMic comes in two keys sizes for use in Services and Mains, with WRAS material and non-WRAS material versions for potable water and pressurised water system systems. The insertion lengths are from 50 to 80meters for use with the service pipe version and from 150 to 300meters for the mains insertion. Safe insertion under 10bar pressure with the patented pressure balanced tube means that it can be a single person operation.

Where more detailed mains surveys are required, HMG Water Solutions are able to provide the SynthoCamH2O. This intuitive potable water CCTV system uses WRAS compliant materials for insertion in potable water systems up to 10Bar for 4” / 100mm diameter pipes and above from through bore hydrants. The system comes with recording, on-screen text, and screen grab as well as the option of an integrated PipeMic acoustic leak detection system so that you can not only hear the leak, but also see where the leak is, and locate it with the on-screen meterage and its in-built Sonde. For use in all material types, SynthoCamH2O has proven invaluable to identifying leaks, assessing the state of the main, and the flexibility to negotiate tight radius bends in both 4”/100mm and 6”/150mm diameter pipes.

The FAST Aqua M300 is an intelligent geophone for leak detection. The system has a triple function capability for acoustic leak detection above ground, for in-pipe gas leak detection and pipe detection. This kit is the ultimate refinement in leak detection with 256 filters that allow an engineer to filter out background noise so that it can accurately pinpoint leaks. Each Aqua M300 kit can be refined to each customers requirement with the wind protected ground microphone, gas probes, test rods, or universal accelerometer.

The SebaKMT Hydrolux HL 7000 is a Bluetooth enabled electro-acoustic leak detection system. The system also has a triple function capability for acoustic leak detection above ground with a ground microphone, for in-pipe tracer gas leak detection and sensor rod leak detection. This kit is simple to use with automated background noise reduction and an amazing 10-hour operational use. The simplicity of Bluetooth connectivity removes the issues and hazards of cables making this system very ergonomic to use.

HMG Water Solutions also supply a range leak detection equipment from traditional listening sticks and the latest digital versions to correlators and data and noise logging systems.

When trying to find that difficult leak, combining above ground and in-pipe technologies delivers the fastest and most accurate leak detection available.

HMG Water Solutions is based in North Yorkshire with service centres in Wiltshire, Warwickshire, Derbyshire and North Yorkshire.