Navigating the nuances of turbidity measurement in water quality assessment presents challenges, often due to inaccuracies caused by stray light, intricate handling, and time-consuming calibration processes. Addressing these concerns, Lovibond® introduces the TB350, a groundbreaking portable turbidimeter engineered to revolutionize on-the-go water quality assessment.

The TB350 stands as the most advanced portable turbidimeter in the market, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, an unprecedented measuring range, and unparalleled accuracy. Featuring the patented Multipath 90° BLAC® sensor technology, this turbidimeter embodies the fusion of laboratory precision within a portable instrument. This groundbreaking technology ensures the highest accuracy across the entire turbidity spectrum, ranging from 0.01 NTU in lower turbidity levels to an exceptional 4,000 NTU in the highest range.

The innovative optical system, developed with two ingeniously arranged 90° detectors, ensures a purely nephelometric measuring principle. Leveraging two different path lengths of the incident light beam through the sample, the TB350 offers unparalleled accuracy, even in scenarios where the particle size distribution deviates from the calibration standard. The BLAC® technology, signifying the Backscattered Light light-absorbing cavity, acts as a light-absorbing trap, significantly minimizing unwanted stray light and providing precise results even at low turbidity levels down to 0.01 NTU.

Crafted by a team of renowned turbidity experts, the TB350’s sensor technology aims to address common user concerns in turbidity measurement. The intuitive colour touch screen and straightforward data management protocols ensure ease of use. The instrument offers a custom measuring mode, known as the “Fast Settling Mode,” specifically designed to enhance accuracy when measuring large and heavy particles from 20 NTU and in the high range of up to 4,000 NTU.

Simplifying the calibration and verification procedures, which are traditionally complex in turbidity measurement, the TB350 streamlines the process. Formazin-based T-CAL® primary solutions, sealed in airtight vials, facilitate immediate usage and calibration without any hassle.

Turbidity, a measure of water’s clarity impacted by suspended particles that scatter or absorb transmitted light, plays a pivotal role in various industries and applications. In the realm of drinking water, accurate turbidity monitoring is imperative for ensuring proper disinfection, preventing the presence of pathogenic microorganisms, and signalling potential issues in filtration systems or water distribution networks.

Furthermore, turbidity measurement is instrumental in wastewater monitoring, laboratory analysis for food industries and environmental samples, and maintaining water quality in industrial settings. It serves as a critical indicator in cooling towers, boiler feedwater quality, and processes like Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ultra Filtration (UF), safeguarding against inefficiencies and maintaining high purity standards.

The TB350 by Lovibond® is not just a portable turbidimeter; it’s a revolution in on-the-go water quality assessment, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in an array of crucial applications. For more information, contact

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