PIPA is a UK based technology company focussed on pressurised water pipe inspection and leak detection products. The basis of our technology is to offer a solution on a live water pipeline without the need for road closures, service interruption or re-chlorination of a pipeline. All products are safe to use in potable water networks, are user friendly and offer a solution for all sized pipelines irrelevant of material.

Internal acoustic technology

Internal acoustic technology is fast becoming the new approach to specialist leak detection. PIPA fully understands the ‘traditional’ approach to leak detection using correlators and ground microphones along with listening sticks. Traditional leak detection methods do detect leaks but there are several factors to consider including:

  • Material
  • Pressure
  • Size
  • Length
  • Type of backfill
  • Reliability of knowledge regarding pipe material and configuration

The PIPA leak detection approach uses internal acoustic sensors that listen to the sound of escaping fluids from within the pipeline. This is because some leaks make little or no top sound and as the sensor passes the leak the acoustic sound range will often increase to a peak and then reduce to total silence. The leak location will always be present at the noise centre or acoustic peak. During a recent leakage sweep on an insulated non-ferrous pipeline, the leak output was only heard over a pipe section of 300mm, and was confirmed using PIPA acoustic software prior to an excavation and subsequent repair. The benefit of this approach to leak detection is that the leak identification is accurate and more sensitive than any other methods, which in turn gives the operator more confidence prior to an excavation.

PIPA Technology is also beneficial in dealing with dry dig excavations. Typically a dry dig can occur when unknown data is put into a correlator and leak location is close but incorrect. The solution that PIPA can offer is to use the existing excavation and install a pressurised fitting, and then pinpoint the leak thus turning a dry dig into a wet dig.

Note: Recent statistics supplied by a UK client put dry dig figures between 25-35% in 2017.

PIPA products can be divided into the following categories:

Small diameter service pipes: The Pipepod S™ is a unique leak detection product that enters a pipeline via a metered boundary box outlet (subject to make and model). The 50 metre system is fully portable with battery powered supply and offers accurate leak identification and location within pressurised potable water service pipelines from 10mm diameter and above.

DMA sized mains: The Hydrocam™ is a pressure rated camera and acoustic sensor for condition assessment of potable water mains. The unique system can cover a survey distance of 200 metres through bends and fittings, and successfully identifies leaks and pipe condition issues in all pipe materials irrelevant of back fill or bury depths.

Trunk mains: The Flowrider™ is a long range pressurised CCTV and leak detection survey tool for water mains. The unique system can cover a survey distance of 1km using the water flow through bends and fittings, it successfully identifies leaks and confirms pipe condition in all pipe materials irrelevant of back fill or bury depths.

New main installations: The Pipepod Hydrostatic™ system is an industry changing approach to leak detection on all new pipe installations. The unique product can cover a survey distance of 2km through bends and fittings, and successfully identifies leaks in all pipe materials irrelevant of back fill or bury depths. The system can be built into a new pipe scheme or installed after the pipe is constructed using a tethered swab approach.

There is no single tool in the approach to leak detection. Instead a specialist tool box of equipment is required to accurately identify, locate and repair leaks within the global water industry.

PIPA Technology has an excellent success rate on detecting leaks on all sized pipes and all types of materials.

All PIPA Technology products are now available for global sale, lease or service.

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