Wessex Water has made life easier for customers using its website, partnering with Recite Me to provide new speech and reading support tools.

Recite Me is a Cloud-based web accessibility service, enabling web users to customise the site with features that include speech functionality, dyslexia software, an interactive dictionary and translation tool.

Clive Tugwell, Wessex Water’s head of digital, said: “Around one in five people who visit websites cannot access web content easily.

“For example, they might need to adjust the colour contrast settings, make the fonts larger or have the content read out to them.

“At Wessex Water we’re proud to treat all our customers as individuals and tailor the support we offer them, so we’re delighted to have secured the services of Recite Me to help those missing out on the online world.”

Recite Me can be found by clicking on the ‘Accessibility’ link at the top of Wessex Water website homepage. Once a customer has clicked on the link, they will be able to select or modify the various options to suit their needs.

Options include changing the font type and size, translating the text into 90 different languages, adjusting the background colour and contrast, listening to the text being read aloud or downloading an audio file.

Recite Me works automatically across all digital devices, and the partnership comes after Wessex Water’s website was given a bright new look and adopted a mobile-first approach earlier this year.