Pioneering technological innovations, along with collaborative partnerships, are leading the way in the future of water treatment. ATi discusses the most creative approaches that are delivering resilience and sustainability within the water industry to proactively safeguard water quality.

Over the last few years, there has been increasing pressure from government regulators and stakeholders to manage water systems efficiently, effectively and in a transparent manner to safeguard water at all points on its journey from Source to Tap.

Until recently, utilities lacked the tools to manage ageing water systems and proactively manage water quality from source to the end user. However, advances in digitalisation are now enabling better knowledge, system hygiene, efficient monitoring, diagnostics and targeted investments, along with intelligent system management, creating, optimised, smarter water treatment.

Collaborative, intelligent, networked systems are the key to the future of water management, assisting in identifying and predicting water quality issues. But they also improve operational tactics, promote conservation, minimise consumption and offer 24/7 reassurance that safe and wholesome water is being delivered to communities and this is what is helping to drive the industry towards becoming truly smart. However, as is the case with most problems, there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution. This is where technical innovation and collective expertise play a vital role.

Source to Tap Water Quality Solutions

Intelligent solutions create real-time awareness of water quality throughout the cycle and suggest optimal control mechanisms to ensure the efficient delivery of high-quality water, reducing the risk of compliance violations and customer complaints. ATi’s commitment to developing pioneering, innovative solutions has led to us to being one of the few companies able to provide an intelligent and sustainable Source to Tap journey, thanks to our flexible range of industry-leading, Smart Water quality and Q-Series potable and waste water solutions that deliver real-time, continuous monitoring for all water quality applications. Our versatile, industry-leading monitoring product-range ensures optimal control, enhanced operational efficiencies and improved compliance, providing sustainable solutions for pro-active water management to safeguard water quality. These solutions provide no-compromise water quality monitoring in service reservoirs, pipes, valves, meter chambers and hydrants, along with measuring right through to the end user.

Smart ‘Lift & Shift’ Technology

Utilising this technology, pioneering new projects are currently underway, which has seen major water companies investing in ATi’s MetriNet smart water quality monitoring solution and surveying ‘Lift and Shift’ systems, NephNet, ChlorNet and SiteBox. This equipment is being deployed in various controlled problem areas, with the data helping to identify problems and pinch-point locations. Following data analytics, the ‘Lift and Shift’ equipment is then moved to the next priority area, while ATi’s WRAS approved MetriNet multi-parameter, smart water quality monitoring solution is then installed permanently. MetriNet, in collaboration with technology partners, then use dedicated apps to pull the data from each area together to deliver real insight, value and control.

Embracing these new technologies and employing them in legacy infrastructures is helping water companies extract deeper insights on their pipeline networks and enhance operational efficiencies. Collaborative, intelligent systems, with a neural network of smart sensor technology, are not only helping to identify issues including leaks, they are also improving operational tactics, promoting conservation and help to minimise consumption.

Future-Proofing Smart Water Quality

Due to this pioneering, strategic approach, ATi is trusted globally to deliver reliable, accurate and low maintenance process water control, providing water companies with high-powered, smart tools to ensure the energy-efficient delivery of high-quality water to communities.

These innovative solutions are designed to offer customers simplicity, range, low risk and sustainable water quality, continuing to make a lasting difference in the lives of the communities that water companies serve.

ATi’s solutions also help utilities make progress on the problems that matter most: water accessibility, environmental sustainability, resilience and affordability, giving decision-makers a structure for environmental issues, collaboration and sharing information for setting priorities.

The challenge now is to keep evolving and work smarter, developing new, innovative, customer focused technologies, with inter-disciplinary ways of working that are motivated by the goals of each individual project, tailored to the applications they are used in. Digital and collaborative innovation will be the key to success and survival, enabling organisations to build a connected workforce, modernise operational processes and deliver enhanced customer service. Smart Water is changing the water industry as we know it and embracing innovation and digital transformation is not only enabling utilities to address today’s unprecedented challenges, but also invest in the future.

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