nordiflow / nordipipe – the fully structural and independent class A pressure liner

NordiTube has successfully developed a strong and independent liner that can be used especially for the rehabilitation of the following application areas:

  • Potable water
  • Industrial pressure pipes
  • Sewer pressure / rising mains

The cured NORDIFLOW / NORDIPIPE liner is considered as a fully structural CIPP system which can be designed to resists not only the internal pressure but also external loads and negative pressure. This means the system is classified as “Class A” according to ISO 11295.

TUBETEX – The seamless fabric class C pressure liner

TUBETEX has established itself worldwide as the cost-effective solution when it comes to corrosion protection. The TUBETEX system is an interactive system relying on adhesion with the host pipe and is classified as “Class C” according to ISO 11295. Due to this fact, an easy and safe connection to the existing pipe network can be ensured. This is also an important advantage especially for repair and service works.

TUBETEX is the perfect solution for relining pressure pipes of the following application areas:

  • Potable water
  • Industrial pressure pipes
  • Oil and gas

NORDIWALL HT – The high-temperature liner for industrial applications

NORDIWALL HT allows system operators to rehabilitate pipes exposed to higher temperatures. Thanks to its modified PP coating and its specially developed resin system, the NORDIWALL HT liner will resist temperatures of up to 140°C. NORDIWALL HT is applicable for fully deteriorated sewer pipes and interactive classified as class D according to ISO 11295 for pressure pipes.

NORDIWALL HT system is especially interesting for the following application fields:

  • High Temperature Pipes
  • District Heating Pipes
  • Industrial gravity- and pressure pipes – f.e. breweries, dairies, etc…

The advantages at a glance

In addition to the general advantages of trenchless pipe rehabilitation, like short turnaround times, preservation of infrastructure, minimal traffic disruption, low noise- and dust pollution as well as active environmental protection due to CO2 emission reduction, the mentioned NordiTube products offer further benefits and outstanding product features:

  • Increase lifetime of pipes
  • Improve flow performance
  • Prevent internal corrosion
  • Seals leaking joints and pinholes

Fully structural pressure liner in use

NordiTube has already implemented the fully structural pressure liner in the UK in different fields and the customers are more than satisfied with the installations:

  • UK, EDF, West Burton, Cooling Mains, DN 500 mm, Length 710 m
  • UK, OnSite, Christchurch, Wessex Water, DN 400 mm, Length 140 m
  • UK, OnSite, Loddon, Anglian Water, DN 300 mm, Length 713 m
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