Using cutting edge technology, Rostech Environmental brings a new approach to dissolved methane monitoring and methane stripping.

and control of wastewater are outdated, inefficient and often don’t work.

Rostech Environmental since it’s incorporation in 2016 have been working to design, install and commission, bespoke solutions for water and wastewater monitoring.

One example of the technology now available is Rostech Environmental’s recently launched dissolved methane sensor system. The methane sensor delivers data very close to real-time, with a sensing range of 0.000 – 0.300mg/l CH4. The sensor utilises technology originating from within the oil and gas industry, where it has been used to check pipeline integrity on the seabed, looking for gas leakage. Developed for this application by Rostech Environmental in collaboration with a German based company. The methane monitoring system is leading edge technology in the wastewater industry and with the introduction of an in-house developed sophisticated software package, it is capable of fully automating a methane stripping process. Using the onboard telemetry, data can be streamed back to an office or any compatible mobile device.

Using their many years of experience in the wastewater industry the team at Rostech Environmental also worked to develop a novel approach to methane stripping. Capable of treating continuous effluent flows up to 300 LPM, the new process is mechanical, unlike the traditional air stripping process, which can be inefficient, wasteful of energy, and expensive to maintain.

When used in conjunction with the methane monitoring system, the entire striping process can be fully automated and configured for a start, stop, mode of operation, this automated system allows for rapid pay back of any investment, by reducing energy usage, maintenance, and labour costs, perfect for closed landfill operations.

In addition to methane monitoring, Rostech Environmental also offers an extensive range of water and wastewater monitoring systems, with more information available at