The NEW O2-Lumitrode from Metrohm is the fastest optical sensor for the determination of dissolved oxygen in water or other liquid samples that money can buy! Compared with conventional, galvanic sensors, the O2-Lumitrode is much easier to handle and has a significantly longer service life. In addition, this optical sensor is completely maintenance-free. The measuring optics of the sensor are protected from mechanical stress and external effects of light by a robust sensor cap.

The O2-Lumitrode is used with the tried-and-tested 913 and 914 portable meters, which allows for DO measurements either in the field or in the laboratory. Both the 913 and the 914 are robust, ergonomic and portable, for use in the lab or in the field. The meters are packed full of smart features with a large colour display to make measuring as easy and as simple as possible. Using the 913 pH/DO Meter or the 914 pH/DO/Conductometer, you can determine the pH value, concentration of dissolved oxygen, and conductivity. Results can then be stored on the instrument, printed or exported to a LIMS or Excel.


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