The global water industry faces unprecedented challenges, and professionals must stay ahead with up-to-date knowledge and skills. Cranfield University offers prestigious short courses designed to enhance your expertise in the water sector. These courses ensure delegates are well-prepared to address the challenges, fostering strong relationships with SMEs, global businesses, governments, and NGOs.

Wastewater Treatment Principles for WASH Practitioners

Date:  26 June 2024
Format:  Online
Speakers:  Dr. May Sule, Dr. Marc Pidou

Key Topics:

  • Basic principles of wastewater treatment
  • Low-energy treatment methods
  • Resource recovery from WS&S technologies
  • Effective sanitation resource recovery

Resilience in the Water Industry

Date:  2 July 2024
Format:  Online
Speakers:  Dr. Alison Parker, Dr. Luca Alibadi, Dr. Andrea Momblanche

Key Topics:

  • Climate crisis impacts on water systems
  • Urbanisation challenges
  • Elements of resilience
  • Building resilient infrastructure
  • Analytical tools for water resources
  • Resilience strategies

Sustainable Groundwater Sources for Rural Areas

Date:  9 July 2024
Format:  Online
Speakers:  Dr. Alison Parker, Prof. Ian Holman, Hannah Richie

Key Topics:

  • Boreholes, hand-dug wells, infiltration galleries, sand dams
  • Managing groundwater quality and quantity
  • Groundwater exploration using geophysics

Advanced Sensors Technology

Date:  10 September 2024
Format:  Online
Speaker:  Dr. Zhugen Yang

Key Topics:

  • Chemical and biological sensors fundamentals
  • Sensor elements and performance metrics
  • Practical applications and field testing
  • Wastewater-based epidemiology
  • Future trends in sensor technology

Who Should Attend?

These courses are designed for engineers, scientists, social scientists, program managers, development workers, and professionals focused on rural water supply. Researchers, students, and those in water and environmental science will also benefit.

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