It is with good reason 85 of the Fortune 100 companies choose to work with NICE LTD UK.

For when it comes to creating the right conditions for a smooth and harmonious customer journey through a company’s multi-channel means of communication, NICE is second to none.

With the regulatory requirement that the Water Industry must offer their customers at least five options of communication, and the proliferation of internet/social media channels often amounting to companies having 30 or more means by which a customer can get in touch. Having one cohesive, holistic system that provides journey visibility and can manage them all is a must.

Matthew Addison, VP Sales of NICE UK&I, said: “The pressures generated by Ofwat regulations, customer experience strategies and increasing consumer demand are accelerating the business case for digital transformation in the water industry.

“Water companies have to be ever more agile and quick to react to customers’ needs and the only way to do that, when they might have passed through several different contact points and types of communication – perhaps social media, email and telephone – is to have one seamless, joined up environment and experience.

“And for that, we need to look at the customer journey, we need to begin, follow and end with the results of their experience in dealing with a company.”

NICE CXone, the most complete intelligent cloud CX platform, has been designed to deliver a Digital-First, Omnichannel Service environment coupled with unified Workforce Engagement and Customer Experience applications that provide a detailed picture of each customer’s route.

Using a company’s structured and unstructured data in its entirety, NICE CXone automatically maps every touchpoint and every turn a customer takes.

NICE provide transformational solutions combining customer sentiment, survey scores and hundreds of attributes from multi-touchpoint interactions – leveraging artificial intelligence in the process – guiding advisors on next best actions and enabling organisations to predicts how likely a specific journey will trigger a complaint or cancellation.

This quantitative evaluation also identifies the pinch-point, the root cause of the customer’s negative experience, if there has been one. All this insight is easy to access via the dedicated dashboard within the solution.

NICE CXone is also capable of identifying frustration, stress and possible vulnerability in the voice of a caller, or in the written word – something that can feed directly into quality plans and coaching feedback.

It is a feature that has come into its own during the pandemic and lockdown.

The domestic use of water, gas and electricity has risen exponentially, as has the contact from customers, often furloughed, suddenly worried about how they will pay their bills.

Matthew said: “Utility companies are under additional pressure because of Covid-19.

“They have to find ways of better serving their customers at a time when there are probably going to be more defaulters, more people who can’t afford to pay.

“Our analytics solutions will analyse a conversation, picking up on the tone of voice or the sentiment expressed, and can flash an alert that this particular person might be at risk.

“They can then be put through to specialist call-handlers trained in helping vulnerable customers.

“It is a very proactive approach that not only helps those who might be falling into debt, but also provides the company with a far more cost-effective solution than having to chase bad debt in the old-fashioned way.”

NICE’s speciality is the provision of a holistic solution that enables its customers to meet – and surpass – regulatory customer experience standards.

Maximising digital content and its clarity, improving web-chats and their ease of access, and closing the loop in terms of coaxing customers into completing surveys are all part of the service.

Matthew said: “Some organisations have more than 30 channels of communication, across platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and MSN, besides telephone, paper and email, and each contact handler needs access to all that information every time they talk to a customer.

“We help organisations bring all of those applications together so that happens, so contact with an individual customer is seamless.

“The key is to make it personal; understand the profile of each customer, help them to understand their water consumption and, crucially, offer help and guidance through the communication channel of THEIR choice.

“At the end of the day, it is all about providing a good customer experience and reacting immediately to resolve anything that adversely impacts the customer, such as long hold times.”

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