Water is the source and basis of all life, it is essential for metabolism and is our most important foodstuff. The determination of the physical and chemical parameters such as electrical conductivity (EC), pH value, alkalinity, the calcium and magnesium hardness as well as the total hardness are necessary for evaluating the water quality.

A fast and accurate determination in tap water is realised using an automated OMNIS System working in parallel on different workstations, enter the world of non-stop titration by exchanging sample racks without interrupting the analysis.

Automating with OMNIS will mean a higher sample throughput, accurate and reproducible results, better work-life balance, less stress, and more time for other tasks.

The OMNIS system can be extended with an 856 Conductivity Module equipped with Dosinos – the latest in measuring technology .The five-ring measuring technique allows for conductivity measurements with a larger linearity range. Additionally, polarisation effects and measuring errors are minimised.

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