Survey fatigue is an issue every company can relate to – so what can you do to improve survey completion rates and gain better quality insight?

The water sector has long been demanding a more engaging way to communicate with their customers. Traditional online surveys have become stale with customers less inclined to spend the time giving you their all-important feedback. A study by Gartner found that 89% of companies believe that customer experience is now their primary basis for competition. With that in mind it is more essential than ever to measure and improve customer experience through feedback.

Conversational surveys, such as Wizu, massively improve the survey experience by offering a more engaging, interactive and personalised survey. In some ways conversational surveys are going back to the old-style face to face interviews by gaining deeper insight through conversations. However rather than deploying hundreds of interviewers armed with a clipboard, you can utilise one chatbot to conduct your surveys.

What are conversational surveys?

So, what exactly are conversational surveys? Essentially, they are surveys carried out on a conversational user interface. Similar to popular messenger apps like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. Though in Wizu’s case we use a web page so the user is not required to download any app or software to take the survey.

They offer an interactive survey experience helping turn customer surveys into customer stories. Utilising a chatbot your survey can react to responses and route the conversation down different paths depending on what answers are given.

What can they be used for?

Conversational surveys can be used to track and improve CX, using metrics like Net Promoter Score and Customer Satisfaction or measuring customer emotion. They can also be used for market research, employee engagement, lead capture, case creation and more. They allow you to go beyond the metrics and gain a deeper understanding of your customer.

Why use conversational surveys?

Conversational surveys offer a better experience for the respondent by making the interaction more engaging and personalised. They also allow you to delve deeper into the customer experience, allowing you to go beyond metrics and start to understand the route causes.

Close The Loop

They also give you the opportunity to close the feedback loop in real-time. A chatbot can provide solutions to common problems or can create a case within your CRM to automate follows ups. If customers start to see that their feedback is being listened to and actions are being taken, they will be more likely to provide better quality feedback.

Go Beyond Metrics

Conversational surveys allow you to go beyond metrics and delve deeper into the way your customer feels. They allow you to ask relevant follow up questions and uncover the root causes of the issues. This allows you a better understanding of the customer and helps you pin point areas of the customer journey that are having the biggest impact.

Stay on Brand

Conversational surveys also allow you to maintain your brand voice and tone by ensuring your chatbot matches your overall brand identity. This also allows you to create a better connection with your customers leading to increased customer retention. By customising your survey interface, you can also deliver a consistent brand experience. If you offer an engaging customer experience at all other stages in the customer journey then why should your surveys be any different?

Traditional online surveys are losing relevancy but that doesn’t mean customer feedback is not as vital as ever. Conversational surveys offer an innovative approach to surveys that provides a more engaging and personalised survey experience that delivers higher completion rates and better insight. Combining that with the power of AI offers a next level of real-time understanding and routing creating a better respondent experience. It also allows you to turn your data and open text responses into actionable insight by automating your data analysis.

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