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Innovation can be projected as a means by which new products and services are produced through R&D and then through marketing and commercial awareness brought to the market place. Innovation is vital to the growth of any company, both those companies that are buying and especially those that are selling. Innovation has to be encouraged by the leading companies within a market sector and embraced when you deliver. Good practice has to be identified and knowledge shared within all sectors of the water industry and thus here lies the real challenge.

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Since expanding into the water treatment sector in 2016, FT Pipeline Systems (FTPS) has quickly established itself as the National Technical and Distribution Centre for Dual Containment. FTPS offers solutions for chemical dosing and chemical transportation in both rigid and flexible pipework, with the benefit of the innovative leak detection solution – a unique product brought to the market in 2017.

We are all familiar with traditional dual contained hose systems where there is one hose inside another hose with a visible gap. These hoses are cumbersome, heavy, costly, difficult to install and not efficient at notification of a leak. Draw chambers underground, low point pits for catch-pots and all the additional costs for power, switches, pumps, cables and ensuring that there will be a flow if there is a leak. All this on top of costly groundworks.

There is now a new way with the Colex PF-Detect, the first all-in-one dual contained hose with built in leak detection, offering almost immediate notification in the event of a hose failure. No pits, no low points, lighter, easier to install reducing your environmental risk and lowering the carbon footprint, all for a 25% cost reduction on the equivalent Colex hose-in-hose system.

How? The Colex PF-Detect range commences with three options of dosing hose which will ensure almost every chemical application can be covered. This dosing hose is then covered with a close-fitting Polyurethane containment jacket and between these two are two copper wires for the detection system. These wires are set apart so that in the unlikely event of a leak any escaping liquid only has to travel 35-40mm to trigger the detection system, or if the chemical is aggressive and burns through the copper wire this will also trigger the system. The leak detection system is designed to be wired directly from the optional alarm box into the dosing system and hence giving an immediate shutdown of the line. With there being minimal liquid required to trigger the alarm and this liquid being contained in the sealed hose, removal and environmental risk during replacement is at a minimum. This also gives additional protection to your workforce.

The Colex PF-Detect system brings many advantages to the chemical dosing market reducing costs throughout the process. Key points are:

  • The Polyurethane containment jacket is UV stabilised.
  • The Polyurethane material is a UK potable water approved raw material, (WRAS).
  • PF-Detect is up to 50% lighter than the equivalent hose-in-hose system.
  • With a smaller outside diameter insulation and protection costs are reduced.
  •  Easier to trace heat.
  • With the “single” hose appearance it is easier to handle and quicker to install.
  • Expensive bespoke engineered fittings not required in the majority of applications.
  • On one case study in the UK the use of PF-Detect drove savings of 53% on the total project cost.

Colex PF-Detect has been in the UK for two years and is now approved and specified by eight of the twelve water companies with several installations in place.

The product has been specifically developed to further reduce the risk of environmental leakage and reduce dramatically health & safety concerns of direct contact with chemicals; it is approved and in use within major water and wastewater treatment companies.

The fear of aggressive chemicals spilling out into the environment due to undetected leaks is eliminated.

The product is also enjoying export success with projects in the Australia, Brazil and the USA so it is also good to see UK innovation making an impact in solving chemical transportation issues in the global water market.

For further details please contact:

Roger Attisha – FT Pipeline Systems
T: 01543 416024