A leader in clean water storage and distribution solutions, Veolia recently renewed its partnership with Locken, an Iseo Group company, and has invested in the next-generation contactless electronic key.

In 2016, Veolia’s Eau France business referred to Locken as a preferred provider of access control and equipped several thousand facilities throughout the country. The company, which has just renewed its contract for three years, has opted for the new generation of Locken electronic keys.

The new keys represent a major technological evolution: they communicate with the lock through magnetic induction technology, which avoids any electrical contact between the key and the cylinder, and gives the solution exceptional reliability. The transmission of information is carried out without electrical contact and is therefore not at risk from moisture or dust that could accumulate in the cylinder. This is a distinctive feature, essential in isolated outdoor environments exposed to climatic hazards.

In addition to their reliability, these next-generation keys allow for instant opening of doors, gates or hatches, which saves significant time during maintenance checks.

In its new contract, Veolia has chosen cylinders and padlocks that meet the highest safety requirements: EN 16864 grades 4 and 5 for padlocks, EN 15684 for cylinders, an ideal range for a sector classified among activities of critical national infrastructure (CNI). Finally, the transmission of real-time access rights, through the Bluetooth key module and the MyLocken App, contributes greatly to the enhancement of security and the management of multifunctional sites, often shared with telecoms or energy operators.

These advantages are confirmed by Vincent Govelet, buyer at Veolia, who told us: “The maintenance teams have already experienced the significant advantages of the Locken solution, and are keen to see the added benefits of the second-generation key, which is uniquely tailored to the individual, with bespoke access rights and even more reliable. Managers appreciate the added security and flexibility of access management provided by the MyLocken App and Locken Smart Access software.”

Finally, the mechanical component of the keys offers additional flexibility of use: allowing the use of simple mechanical cylinders, on a site secured by an electronic key.

Catherine Laug, Marketing Manager at Locken, explains: “In the water industry, sites are extremely scattered and subject to difficult weather conditions. The Locken solution is the ideal response to these challenges.”