In 2021, level and pressure instrumentation manufacturer, VEGA, became the first manufacturer to offer MCERTS Class one certification over a 5m range – either as a stand-alone sensor or with controller as a complete system.

Since then the company say they have been supplying a flexible portfolio of MCERTS devices for open-channel flow measurement with a structure, meeting CSA and environment agency standards.

Why is 5 m range significant? It means on assets like deep channels or inaccessible weir spill points, the sensor heads can be mounted well out of the way, yet still deliver 2mm accuracy.

MCERTS Stand-alone Class 1 sensors

Sensor options include IP68 devices with choice of top-cable entry or side-cable entry which can maximise head room. Compact units with built in indicators are useful for applications where a live level/flow rate needs to be displayed. All these sensors operate using their award winning VEGA Tools Bluetooth App. The company say this enables easy set up and, via the double PIN system for pairing and locking-down of a device, a ‘look but don’t touch’ viewing of flow or level data for operators or inspectors, for example.

MCERTS Class 1 System – local display, control and data-logging

Alternatively, a radar-based level system supplied with a VEGAMET 861 (single) or 862 (dual) flow controller is available. These use digital communications to the sensor to obtain maximum (mm) system accuracy, especially useful for local display, totalised flow, additional outputs for samplers, analytical devices or where local alarms are needed. Internal data-logging to an SD Card can provide over a 100 million data-points, offering best in class capacity. For example, a mind-blowing ‘190 years data’ can be recorded at a 1 minute resolution. A large colour-changing display can indicate when a level or max. flow is reached. The digital communication can also be used to transmit extra information like; data quality, distance-reading (for simple verification) or temperature values, which can prove valuable in some applications. Single or twin-channel systems are both certified for MCERTS, so adjacent MCERTS UMON3 and UMON4 (FFT/ PFF) measurements can be added into one system. They utilise the same VEGA Tools App for easy set up and system verification.

All VEGA radar sensors and controllers can be used for new and existing MCERTS applications, as stand-alone flow devices or as a system. To support users, VEGA provide regular MCERTS training seminars and courses.