TOC and TNb are important indicators in the process of wastewater treatment and monitoring to assess the organic matter contamination (TOC) as well as the eutrophication potential (TNb) in the water. The analysis of the TOC and TNb content in particularly saline solutions, particle-containing samples and solids are among the greatest challenges in wastewater analysis. A new webinar series launching in August 2022 will explore how laboratories can deliver the best results and processes from their TOC analyses.

The webinar series will be delivered by Elementar UK, the elemental analysis experts behind the enviro TOC platform. The presentations will provide vital insights into how analysts can get the most out of TOC analysis in various crucial applications, including wastewater, surface water, seawater and soil assessments.

The first in this webinar series will be held on August 2nd 2022, and will be entitled “Overcoming the challenges of TOC and TNb determination in environmental & wastewater”. The webinar will be hosted by Dr Calum Preece, Elementar Environmental Market Manager who will explore the best methods for TOC and TNb determination in environmental and wastewater, and discuss the benefits of TOC compared to traditional COD and BOD methods

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