Dutch company Wiefferink’s award winning product range has been designed to optimise biogas plants, increase your profits & reduce ammonia emissions

New products for UK

Triple membrane AB roof biomethane storage – Farmergy are launching the new, biomethane industry innovation Triple Membrane Biomethane Digester Roof Storage for Biogas Plants. Where space and tariffs are at a premium, in-roof biomethane storage will make your biogas to biomethane plant more competitive without needing extra land for additional biomethane storage. This will give you the operational edge, even if there is no floor space on-site to store biomethane. In the UK, biomethane attracts subsidies, and any way to maximise on your investment in infrastructure will pay dividends. We have already installed and road-tested this design, the results were a massive thumbs up. Are you having problems with reject gas? Then this store acts a buffer to reduce reject looping.

The Flexfermenter – is a double membraned combined biogas digester and gas store. Combining the best features of the Wiefferink Air Blown Cover and the Wiefferink Combibag to create a second generation ultra low capital cost high quality primary or secondary anaerobic digester, half the price of above ground high concrete content digesters, plus ‘through-the-wall’ agitation system that can be serviced without loss off gas production.

The Ecobag – store digestate in an Ecobag and improve the potency of your ferilizer as well as reduce ammonia emissions which helps the UK achieve The Clean Air Strategy ammonia reduction of digestate and slurries of anaerobic digestion and the farming sectors.

The Combibag – we are relaunching this heritage Wiefferink favourite. A single skinned flexible digester has now been rebranded as a gas capture end store for digestate, as well as the usual secondary digester scenario to provide extra retention time, we have achieved a payback period of months on one of our customers sites, a rapid ROI

Service boxes – service your agitation system with zero loss of gas or plant operation, we have designed these to be used when the plant is fully operation, no need to remove the roof or empty the digester to service these mixers once installed.

Wiefferink B.V. focuses on processing flexible synthetic materials. They are one of the leading European specialists in manufacturing and marketing storage and covering solutions in flexible foil. Their main strength lies in the development and innovation of new solutions and products based on customer needs. Wiefferink have been in the innovation business for over 60 years.