How much water do you think is lost in our current water networks? On average it is 30% worldwide, due to a lack of data and outdated technology. 

To improve the ressource efficiency, intelligent and smart technology needs to be installed in our water supply networks. But there is a big limitation, namely a reasonable and easy access to sufficient energy. PYDRO`s self-powered monitoring and sensing solutions enable true off-grid real time monitoring and help reduce leaks and expensive pipe bursts on a global scale.

PYDRO`s PT1 is a hydro-powered multi-sensing unit for use in water abstraction wells, district metering areas (DMA) and custody transfer measurement of potable water. With a smart and innovative energy management the pressure loss is minimized. The System measures flow, pressure and temperature at high accuracy levels everywhere in the network without the need of power supply. It delivers data to manage smart water networks, reduce water leakage, avoid pipe bursts and do quality checks.

Unlike existing products, our system harvests energy with an integrated hydro-power unit at the point of use. It is an all-in-one device that is very easy to installation and start-up.

It`s smart energy management feature guarantees low-pressure loss as it only harvests energy a few hours a day. High-precision measurements is made possible by several integrated and inter-connected sensors.

It has got one moving part, ensuring long-term reliability and has an IP68 casing for submersion in flooded chambers.

The benefit for the customer is a turnkey-solution with instant data transmission, without the need for additional sensors, batteries, data logger or data transmitter.

We enable a two-way self-powered real-time communication and guaranty interoperability with any custom software.

We provide worry-free sensing services for our customers.  For PYDRO, service begins with the first customer contact and continues throughout the entire life cycle of the systems installed in their network.

The customer can send in devices for inspection, calibration and repair and has the possibility to update the hardware to monitor his assets with PYDRO`s latest technologies all for a monthly fee.

As the UK is targeted to be one of the main smart water markets, PYDRO wants to reach out at an early stage. „We are actively seeking pilot customers with whom we can jointly implement initial projects”

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