The Problem

Classical time-consuming bacterial cultivation detects only 0.1-1% of waterborne bacteria when cultivating on agar in petri dishes. Furthermore, the cultivation of bacteria is not able to detect viable but non-culturable (VBNC) bacteria.


The quantification of the bacterial amount is important to control the microbial ecology in different water samples. Sysmex Partec instruments use an improved and standardized method to determine bacterial counts in water, insuring early preventative action can be taken.

Our solution offers a fast and reliable bacterial quality control of water samples. Using the ultra-compact and cost-efficient CyFlow™ Cube 6 V2m Flow Cytometer from Sysmex Partec, it is possible to detect almost all bacterial in water samples in less than 15 minutes.

Key Benefits

  • Much faster than any bacterial cultivation method
  • Low limits of detection
  • Counts all bacterial cells (TCC kit)
  • Discriminates between dead / living bacteria (VCC kit) and “fingerprinting” (HNA/LNA ratio)
  • Detection of almost all bacteria, including viable but non culturable cells
  • Pre-loaded analysis templates to simplify and standardise interpretation – no specialist flow cytometry knowledge required
  • Rapid and clear-cut decisions
  • Automated reporting as soon as the results are available
  • User-friendly software
  • Perfect for routine analysis


Instrumentation and Software

Depending on your workload requirements, the solution can be fitted to the optional CyFlow™ Robby V2m Autoloading Station allowing an automatic read-out of various water samples. This is directly attached to the CyFlow™ Cube 6 V2m Flow Cytometer and is able to pipette and homogenise samples automatically within 96-well plates. The CyFlow™ Robby Autoloading Station provides a full solution package for semi-automated enumeration of bacteria in water.  This user-friendly, compact instrument provides a Windows 10 operating system and together with pre-loaded analysis profiles, simplifies interpretation and allows you to introduce standardisation into your workflow. Automatic reporting supports quick decision making so you can act faster.


The CyStain™ BacCount Total kit enables the detection of the total amount of bacteria in water samples (Total Cell Count, TCC). This is crucial for process control of water treatment and for the analysis of the microbial ecology.

On the other hand, the CyStain™ BacCount Viable kit discriminates between live and dead bacteria (Viable Cell Count, VCC), which is important to monitor successful inactivation of harmful bacteria in water. Both kits are designed for the quality control of drinking water of different sources (ground water, spring water or surface water). However, these kits can also be used to control industrial water (raw material dilution, water for in-processes, effluent after cleaning/sanitation processes).


With over 50 years’ experience and a global presence in more than 190 countries, Sysmex provides high-quality products, services, and support to healthcare professionals in the field of in vitro diagnostics around the world.  In addition to our experience in healthcare, Sysmex Flow Cytometry offers a wide range of ultra-compact desktop flow cytometry analysers, specially tailored to scientific and industrial applications.

The services we offer at Sysmex UK:

  • Dedicated Training Facilities: Our Training Academy offers tailored training solutions for all users
  • Dedicated Customer Support: UK-based support to assist customers with their Sysmex instrumentation throughout the life of their contract
  • Dedicated Account Management: Proactive account management to optimise the performance of your service
  • Dedicated Technical Support: Our technical support team are expanding as our presence in the flow cytometry market continues to grow
  • Dedicated In-House Logistics Services: Optima 20, a brand new 20,000sqft warehouse which gives Sysmex UK the additional warehousing capacity we need to meet the demands of our ever-growing customer base