The measurement of solids in wastewater treatment has always been a questionable proposition. Limitations in measurement accuracy along with long term reliability have been a concern to plant operators and engineers.

Additionally, harsh and sometimes uncontrolled process conditions (e.g. fat, oil, and grease) offer additional challenges. Despite these challenges, dependable and accurate measurements are still being sought today in wastewater treatment.

Why? The reward for having reliable solids measurements is great – instant and continuous solids measurement allows plant operations to optimize, automate, and improve their processes. This reduces plant operation costs through chemical and energy savings while improving even further the environmental and public health benefits of wastewater treatment.

Valmet has developed its technology since the 1970s to meet the wastewater treatment plants’ needs. Our superior solids solutions are used in the sludge dewatering, as well as at the primary clarifier, thickening, and digester process stages. Valmet’s solids measurement systems are backed up with innovative technology, offering reliability to the end customer when optimizing their wastewater treatment plants.

Also, our professionals work close to customers around the world, having a high service availability. Valmet has over 2000 solids measurement system references in municipal and industrial plants globally, with great proven results.

With continuous real-time data, considerable savings can be achieved quickly by lowering transportation costs, reducing the amount of chemicals used, reduction in laboratory sampling, and more efficient energy consumption.

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