Sanivar UK and Danaher & Walsh APS have announced a partnership to bring the ground-breaking SaniTube and SaniLine trenchless pipe lining systems to the UK market. 

With over one million metres of Sanivar products successfully installed worldwide, Danaher & Walsh APS is now offering guaranteed installations in the UK across a range of applications.

Danaher & Walsh APS has been appointed Approved Sanivar Product Installer in the UK, having undergone comprehensive product installation and technical training.

Sanivar products began development in Switzerland in the 1970s, in response to the need for robust repair products for pipelines carrying dry gas. Since then, Sanivar has innovated and expanded to produce high quality, Swiss-manufactured, PE-coated textile liners that will rehabilitate pipes that carry not just gas, but also potable water, petrochemicals, industrial water, drainage and sewage.

The Sanivar product range is approved for potable water use throughout Europe and in many countries worldwide. The products have WRAS approval in the UK and are currently undergoing testing for Regulation 31 potable water usage. This will enable Sanivar products to be used to help reduce the UK’s water leakage levels by providing quick, cost-effective trenchless repairs.

SaniTube is Sanivar’s high performance stand-alone ‘pull-in’ liner for trenchless rehabilitation of fresh water pipelines of all common types (including cast-iron, ductile iron, steel, PVC and asbestos-cement pipes) from DN25 to DN400.  It is also available with PE and PU coatings.

Extremely long sections of pipe (up to 700m) can be rehabilitated in one installation, which can include bends of up to 45° depending on radius and diameter. The installation process is 100% chemical-free, as no adhesive or resins are needed. The product is rated for operating pressures up to 16 bar.

Installation is extremely cost-effective because no trench is required, the works footprint is small, installation is fast and the cleaning and preparation requirements for the host pipe are minimal.

SaniLine offers all of the benefits of Sanivar products but using an inversion installation process. It allows trenchless rehabilitation of pressurized water pipelines of all common types from DN80 to DN1200.

SaniLine is available with polyethylene (PE) and polyurethane (PU) coatings.

Section of pipe up to 350m can be rehabilitated in one installation, which can include bends of up to 90°.The installation process is epoxy-free. The pipe is cured in-situ at ambient temperature, reducing the needs for expensive equipment.

The Sanivar product range has been age tested for over 50 years to prove there will be no deterioration in performance.

Speaking about the new partnership with Danaher & Walsh APS, Sanivar UK Managing Director David Ripley commented: “We’re delighted to be working with Danaher & Walsh APS.

“The company is passionate about embracing the latest in trenchless technology and quickly recognised the huge potential of the Sanivar range.

“They are an extremely competent and professional contractor with a huge amount of knowledge and experience. Most importantly, they are absolutely committed to providing a high-level of customer service.

“Any product is only as good as its installation, so it is critical for us to only work with companies we have confidence in. Because of their experience and track record in this industry, we felt Danaher & Walsh APS met that requirement perfectly.”

Danaher & Walsh APS offers a range of cost-effective, high-tech solutions for pipeline repair and rehabilitation, primarily using no-dig techniques.

Services offered include CIPP lining, patch lining, robotic cutting, pitch fibre pipe re-rounding, culvert lining, concrete removal and CCTV condition surveys.

The company has established a reputation for employing innovative solutions to tackle even the most difficult sewer and pipeline repair challenges.

Danaher & Walsh APS is part of Danaher & Walsh Group, which this year is celebrating 50 years in business. The group has earned an excellent reputation as a leading regional civil engineering contractor, specialising in highways, infrastructure, bridgeworks and public realm works.

The largest company in the group, Danaher & Walsh Civil Engineering, is an alliance partner of water company Anglian Water, as part of their Integrated Maintenance & Repair (Water Recycling) programme, which runs until 2030.

Speaking about gaining Approved Sanivar Product Installer status, Danaher & Walsh APS’ Contracts Manager Paul Cleaver said: “We’re very excited to be working closely with Sanivar to introduce these fantastic products to the UK market.

“We’re very impressed by the quality and versatility of the Sanivar products and see them as an important part of our offering. As well as being extremely high quality, good value and quick to install, they are suitable for a huge range of applications.

“The Sanivar products are used extensively throughout Europe, some projects which we have witnessed first-hand and we feel their introduction to the UK market will be a game changer for pipe rehabilitation here and we are very excited to be a part of that from an early stage.”