Selwood is building upon its position as the leading UK pump rental solutions company with an ongoing programme of investment.

The company, which has Solutions teams operating from rental branches around the UK, has made significant additions to its team, product fleet, facilities and use of innovative technology. These developments enhance its ability to deliver solutions for large-scale and complex water industry projects.

Computer Aided Design

Selwood’s engineers, led by a new full-time specialist in REVIT Autodesk, are using CAD design on all major projects. This enables the team to visualise installations off-site, identify potential obstacles and ensure the ideal solution is reached.

CAD also enables the team to engineer out any delays before the job begins, analyse safety risks and minimise issues. Pump formations and site layouts can be examined from every angle in advance, which enables faster installation times and limits unplanned stops due to problems being found on-site.

New strategic appointment

To support the delivery of large-scale and complex solutions, Selwood has appointed a dedicated Director of Special Projects and Solutions. Dallas Churcher, who has 23 years’ experience in the management and delivery of large projects with Selwood, will provide senior leadership, support and management to the business’s solutions and installation teams, working with other senior managers and directors to ensure a collaborative approach in delivering customer-centric solutions. Dallas is supported by a team of Pumping Solutions Managers, which has been increased with four new appointments in the past six months.

A £1m investment in submersible pumps

Submersibles offer increased versatility over traditional pumps, particularly in areas where space is tight or access is limited. Selwood has invested in 18 giant submersible pumps with motor sizes from 100kw to 250kw and flow capacities of up to 1,300 litres per second. The units can be configured with self-priming capability using Selwood’s unique SelPrime system and can be vertically or horizontally mounted. The units will be available across Selwood’s branch network, with dedicated hubs in Southampton and Middlesbrough.

The submersibles are part of a wider investment in Selwood’s pump fleet, which recently hit a milestone with 5,000 units available for rental.

A new London Pumping Solutions Centre

Selwood has opened a new multi-million-pound solutions centre in London as part of ongoing investment in its premises and fleet.

The facility at Crayford brings more capacity, a bigger team and an expanded offering to customers across London and the South East. It replaces and significantly expands upon Selwood’s previous branch at Charlton, which has now closed.

The expansion will allow Selwood’s London team to offer faster response times and store a hugely-increased stock of pumps – including those with more environmentally-friendly Tier 5 engines – along with pipework, stoppers and accessories.


Selwood has made SelWatch – its cloud-based telemetry tool – available for most of its pump range. SelWatch provides users with round-the-clock updates including GPS pump location, fuel levels and fuel consumption, engine efficiencies, site water levels and servicing status.

Use of SelWatch can significantly reduce downtime, save money and help efficiently schedule events such as refuelling and maintenance.

Innovation in flowmeters

Being able to rely on the accurate measurement of pumped flows is highly important to customers who rent Selwood’s packaged pumping systems.

All Selwood’s packaged solutions are carefully tested between hires. These tests include the verification of each flowmeter to ensure that it is within its original calibrated specification, so the customer can have confidence that flows are being accurately measured.

Selwood engineers worked closely with ABB to help develop a new ABB Ability™ digital platform which greatly reduces the verification testing time for WaterMaster flowmeters to just a few minutes. Better measurement means better performance, higher efficiency and reduced costs.

Selwood is the UK’s number one pump rental solutions provider, a global leader in pump manufacture and sales and a regional supplier of plant and construction equipment for hire.

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