A reliable and trustworthy overpumping solution that would perform over an extended period of time was required during major repair works at a wastewater treatment works in Scotland.
Kelda Water Services, a leading water and wastewater contract operations company, was faced with a challenge when a chamber collapsed at its works at Persley, near Aberdeen and adjacent to the River Don. The pipe collapsed due to the river going into spate. A solution that would safely prevent any effluent escaping and temporarily overpump while repair works were carried out was needed swiftly. A temporary dam was constructed and the chamber was plugged as an interim measure.
Leading pump solutions provider Selwood, which has a longstanding relationship with Kelda Water’s subsidiary company Yorkshire Water, was contacted and specialists were sent to carry out a full on-site inspection and devise an appropriate solution.
The S200 pump, part of Selwood’s industry-leading solids handling range, was chosen as the best pump for the specifications of the overpumping job. The S200, designed and manufactured at Selwood’s Hampshire-based headquarters, features outstanding pumping capabilities, including a capacity of 560m3/h, total head of 23m, a pump speed of 1600 rpm, and a solids size of up to 100mm. Kelda Water rented five of the units for the application and the pumps were supplied in Selwood’s renowned Super Silent canopies, which set the benchmark for minimal noise impact in urban or semi-urban areas.
Kelda Water also rented two of Selwood’s D150 “Drainer” pumps, which are known for their efficiency in high-volume fluid transfer. The D pumps, with a total head of 40.5m and a pump speed of 2000 rpm, were able to safely keep the dam dry while contractors carried out repair work.
All pumps were working off four specialist telemetry systems, saving on both fuel and labour for the customer.
The application was carried out over an eight-week period and the team at Kelda Water benefited from the proximity of Selwood’s local branch at Kintore. As well as the expertise of Selwood’s specialists, they were given peace of mind by the company’s genuine 24/7 emergency call out system and the supply of any accessories and spares needed throughout the course of the project.
Alex Cain, Regional Account Manager at Selwood’s Aberdeen branch, said: “This was a major overpumping job that went very smoothly over the eight weeks.
“We were pleased to be able to assist Kelda Water Services with a robust solution and to offer peace of mind by fully installing and uninstalling the pumps. Failure of the pumps would have flooded the treatment works and we were pleased to offer 100 per cent assurance in our pump technology. Kelda Water were very happy with the solution and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”
Selwood has the largest dedicated network of pump rental branches across the UK, together with specialist worldwide pump distributors. The Aberdeen branch opened last year, complementing existing branches in Glasgow and Edinburgh and further reinforcing the Selwood’s strong profile within the Scottish water industry. The extension of Selwood’s branch network in recent years, including another new branch in Saltash, Cornwall, has run in parallel to an £8.2m investment into its pump rental fleet unit.
Selwood is also leading the way to pioneer new models to meet the demands of the market as part of an ongoing programme of product development. Following on from the hugely successful launch in 2017 of the S150 Super Silent 30kW Electric – setting a new benchmark in solids handling excellence – the company designed, manufactured and launched the environmentally-friendly S160Eco pump this year. 
The S160Eco, housed in Selwood’s renowned Super Silent canopies, is the quietest pump on the market as tested against EU directive 2000/14/EC and is designed to meet stringent EU Stage IIIB emissions regulations. Driven by an Isuzu diesel engine, the six-inch S160Eco is offered as an upgrade over Selwood’s current S150 model, offering a 28.5% increase in pressure, resulting in an extra 5m head.
Selwood’s people are proud of the company’s heritage, which spans more than 70 years, and are committed to remaining at the cutting edge of pumping solutions technology. For more information visit www.selwood.co.uk