Smart Storm Ltd is an innovative UK owned Water and Wastewater instrumentation and solutions company, which pushes water technology to new levels through continual innovation. Smart Storm is underpinned by a large research and development team and strong knowledge transfer links with the university sector.

In the established Water and Wastewater industry innovation is a necessity for growth and Smart Storm’s software and digital engineers – utilising the latest technologies – have produced an exciting new range of water and wastewater products for both large and small budgets. From intuitive Windows based user-friendly programming to advanced processing and touch screen technology, Smart Storm’s products provide a functionality and usability not seen in well-established companies’ products.

Behind the company’s expertise, and architect for their growth, is the company founder and Managing Director, Dr John Duffy. Dr Duffy, believes that the company’s continual commitment to the development and investment is key to their success, “The problem over the decades has been that industrial instruments have been left behind in their development compared to consumer products such as mobile phones, satnavs, computers etc. Our response was to develop products that utilise this technology to significantly improve performance and reduce the bills for our customers”. The Universal Smart Instrument, USI, is the flagship product that best incapsulates this; the multi parameter instrument, with windows-based operating system, removes the need for several standard instruments whilst considerably improving the user experience.

Smart Storm is also a wastewater solutions provider. Unlike other companies it has 25 years of experience of applying products in the hostile water industries, so it understands the demands of the industry, which is invaluable knowledge for their instrumentation design.

Dr Duffy added “Over the years we have become experts in trade effluent solutions, from monitoring to treatment plants – including pH balancing, bioreactors and DAF plants to waste remediation. Over 70% of our business is through food and drinks companies and now we are rapidly expanding to countries as far away as Vietnam, Thailand and Mexico. In particular, the flexibility and multifunctionality of our products compared to the well-established companies’ products offers value for money in overseas developing markets.”

With new investment Smart Storm is rapidly growing and now consists of 3 distinct divisions.

Instrumentation Division

As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of water and wastewater instrumentation, Smart Storm offer a complete range of flow, level and water quality meters and wastewater samplers. The innovative instruments meet the needs of municipal and industrial customers from, but not limited to, the Food and Drink, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Marine and Agriculture sectors. The multi-functional water quality meters cover parameters including ammonia, fluoride, chloride, turbidity, dissolved oxygen and many more.

The Hydrocell range of wastewater samplers use thermoelectric cooling rather than compressor cooling. This advanced technology is simpler and more reliable, preventing samples from freezing in cold environments and refrigerating in warmer climates.

The Avocet Sludge Blanket Monitor is said to be the most advanced instrument in the market, operating at sonic frequencies twice that of comparative instruments. This is particularly effective for detecting low density blankets in secondary clarifiers, where other products would normally fail.

Solutions Division

For 25 years Smart Storm’s solutions division has provided industrial waste monitoring, treatment solutions and services – specialising in the complex demands of industrial trade effluent. The company’s comprehensive knowledge allows them to offer truly bespoke solutions, enabling clients from all industries with effluent discharge to meet their consents and reduce effluent bills.

As a one stop shop Smart Storm can undertake full project delivery including design, groundworks, monitoring and treatment plant – with particular expertise for pH correction and COD and solids reduction. The company’s team of service engineer operate throughout the UK, offering on-site calibration, maintenance and site surveys.

FOG Division

A recent inclusion to the Smart Storm group is the Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) division. FOG is becoming a major issue in the sewage network leading to blocked drains and organic overload in treatment plants. Traditional methods of FOG removal, such as grease traps are highly inefficient, require regular cleaning and are subject to rodent infestation and malodours.

Smart Storm have a number of solutions for removing FOG from effluent streams. These range from the highly effective Greasebuster©, that uses a unique hydrophobic material to mechanically extract fats from the effluent stream, to biological additives, that use multi spore blends of bacteria and enzymes to breakdown and digest FOG.

Smart Storms FOG solutions keep drains and pumping stations free from FOG build up, reduce odours and are environmentally friendly.

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